Wire Rope Hoist

Moving heavy equipment around your workshop is a breeze when you purchase hoists from ProTek Crane Solutions. We offer a full range of quality wire rope hoists to cover all your lifting needs. Our company offers a wide range of hoists for any application. They provide a range of class C to Class E wire hoists designed for heavy-duty applications. Each hoist package is made with industry-leading technology and has options like VFD controls, Load Monitoring, Side Pull Prevention, and many more. These hoists can be custom configured to lift between 3-tons and 100-tons, making them ideal for nearly any application.


Detroit Hoist offers a wide range of wire rope hoist for any application in today’s market. With capacities ranging from 3Ton to 100Ton. All models come with standard Class D with Variable speed VFD-controlled hoist and trolley motions-load brake and load monitoring options available.

MONO Rail – Double Girder  Hazardous Environment 


R&M Hoist has developed a full line of wire rope hoist designed to meet the needs of any lifting application. Capacities available from 1Ton to 150Ton, Duty Classes ranging from C TO E class and multiple configurations such as die flipping, Dual Hoist, Hot Metal and Nucular environments.

MONO Rail – Double Girder Hazardous Environment

Die Flipping – Dual Hoist


The Harrington RY Wire Rope Hoist was designed to meet the needs of today’s high production demands featuring Variable speed Hoist and Trolley motions and built to a proper D Class standard. Harrington offers the most cost-effective wire rope hoist solution in the 10Ton Capacity and below. Expect years of trouble-free service with Harrington Wire Rope Hoist.

MonoRail & Double Girder

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