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Beam clamps stand out as an exceptionally versatile solution within industrial and construction settings, serving a dual role as both a temporary anchor point and a below-the-hook device. The design and features of our Universal Beam Clamp (UBC) are meticulously crafted to ensure not only ease of use but also a heightened level of safety and reliability.

Beam Clamps
That's where a below-the-hook lifting device comes in. It's like a special tool that you attach to the crane. This tool has slings (kind of like big straps), hooks, and other parts that make it easier to grab onto the heavy object securely.

So, when you need to move something heavy, you use the below-the-hook lifting device to grab onto it safely and securely. Then, the crane can lift it up and move it wherever it needs to go without any problems. It's like giving the crane a helping hand to lift things safely.