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When you are looking for a high-quality crane system for your warehouse or industrial operations, trust ProTek Crane Solutions to have the products you need. We offer complete crane sales in Nashville, TN, to provide our clients with the lifting and hoist equipment they need for their business. We also provide many of the safety accessories that you commonly want to employ with your cranes, such as load monitoring systems and custom radio controls. To learn more about the chain hoists and overhead cranes that we have to offer or discuss the lift equipment you need for your business, reach out to our office.

Other Crane Services

In addition to selling new cranes, our company also offers many services to inspect and maintain your existing equipment. If there is something wrong with your hoist, our team will review the entire system before performing crane repairs. This way, you know that your equipment will be completely repaired and ready to meet the lifting needs of your operations.

Additionally, when you purchase new equipment from our company, our team will take care of the crane’s installation. This way, you know that it is installed correctly and that it will be ready for your lifting operations.

Detailed Assessments

You can count on our team of professionals when it comes to crane inspections, equipment inspections, and inspection programs designed to cover every facet of your machinery. This includes looking at the electrical and mechanical performance to ensure it is safe and used correctly. If we find that anything is amiss, we can conduct crane repairs and other services to get your machinery up and running perfectly. You don’t want your equipment to fail you when you need it the most. When we talk about conducting detailed assessments.

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