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Tailored Jib Cranes for Industrial Operations

Tailored Jib Cranes for Industrial Operations

Posted by ProTek Crane Solutions on 19th Feb 2024

A jib crane is useful for any industrial operation or family business. They are inexpensive and easily moved across multiple workstations compared to other cranes. A jib crane is handy when working in tight spaces or moving products between conveyor belts. At Protek Crane Solutions, our Design Team can select the best jib crane for every business.

The Design Team starts with a physical inspection of each work area. There are several primary concerns the team leader has to address before making any selections:

  • Power Needs – Does the jib crane require a connection to a power source, or will it operate manually? The answer here can determine the crane's placement, the power cord's length, or if an additional outlet needs to be installed closer to the work area.
  • Overhead Clearance – If power is needed, where is the physical connection: on the bottom, side, or top? Additional clearance may be needed from the top of the crane to the ceiling if on the top. Team members also ensure that overhead lighting does not interfere with the jib crane boom operation.
  • Minimum Height Requirement – The crane height must be sufficient so the boom arm can lift items off a conveyor belt or shelf to avoid assembly, shipping, or transport accidents. This concern also affects the chain length needed to accomplish the task.
  • Boom Length – The boom must also be long enough to meet requirements without striking a light or other facility fixture.
  • Degree of Movement – Most cranes operate within a 180-degree or a full 360-degree radius. For 180 degrees, our Design Team recommends a wall-mounted model. For a full 360 degrees, a freestanding model is the preferred choice.

Every jib crane we sell meets the requirements for all state safety rules and federal regulations, such as ANSI/AMSE B30.21. To learn more about these and other available models, contact our Protek Sales Office at 855-776-8354 to schedule a visit from our inspection teams to determine which crane is the best choice for your business. You can also leave your contact information and any questions with us at for a detailed response.