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Protek Crane Solutions: Elevate Your Operations with Premium Wire Rope Hoists

Protek Crane Solutions: Elevate Your Operations with Premium Wire Rope Hoists

Posted by ProTek Crane Solutions on 4th Mar 2024

For many operations, a wire rope hoist is an affordable and reliable option for moving stock onto shelves or pulling it out for shipping or as part of an assembly line. Protek Crane Solutions offers an extensive inventory of wire rope hoists to meet any business requirement.

We provide our customers access to three of the biggest hoist manufacturers in the U.S.: Harrington, R&M, and Detroit. That means we have the best choices available for customers who need everything from an engine shop that moves one to two tons at any given time to a commercial operation that needs to move anywhere from five to fifty tons of material along an assembly line or out to customers. For heavy industry, we sell hoists that can move up to 150 tons when required.

Wire rope hoists offer two advantages over chain hoists:

  • First, there is the increased strength and durability. Both hoists are safe to use in different environments, but wire ropes can carry heavy loads longer. Each wire rope hoist we sell is woven with strands of premium-grade, high-tensile strength steel wire. This weave spreads out the weight of each load, making each strand more durable for heavier loads and longer operational life than a chain hoist.
  • Second, there is the improved safety. The durable rope comprises hundreds of steel strands, so if several fray simultaneously, the weave design spreads the weight evenly across the remaining strands. This allows an operator to safely lower the load to the floor or another surface that can handle the load. If this happens with a chain hoist, there is an immediate risk to the operator and damage to the load.

Our support does end after installing the hoist in your facility. Each item we sell comes with a factory warranty and a maintenance plan we develop to meet your budget needs and keep interruptions to your operation at a minimum.

We have the wire rope hoist your operation needs at Protek Crane Solutions. Call our sales office today at 1-855-766-8354 or contact us at to schedule a visit so we can help determine the best models available for your business. You can also review our latest updates and sales on Facebook and LinkedIn.