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Manual Chain Hoist – A Reliable Option For Your Company

Manual Chain Hoist – A Reliable Option For Your Company

Posted by ProTek on 29th Mar 2024

Each business has individual requirements. These apply to personnel, facilities, and equipment needed to keep operations running smoothly. At Protek Crane Solutions, we work with each business to address their concerns and provide the best manual chain hoist from our catalog.

Our Design crews ask several questions to ensure we provide you with the best option. They include:

  • How much will the hoist lift? If the maximum load for your business is five tons, then a hoist that lifts two tons is insufficient, and one that lifts ten tons means paying for an unused capability.
  • How many times per shift will the hoist lift this load? Constant use means additional wear and tear on the hoist. Additional safety features are needed if the hoist is in continuous use during a shift.
  • How fast must the hoist operate? A manual chain hoist is only as quick as the operator. If your production goals require high output across all shifts, five days a week, an electric chain hoist might be the better choice.
  • Does the operator need to be close to the operation? If yes, then a lever functions efficiently. If the operator needs to maintain a safe distance between herself and the operation, then a pendant (and an electric chain hoist) is required. Length options for most of our hoists run from six to twelve feet.
  • Does the load need to move while suspended on the hoist? If yes, Protek Installation crews can mount the hoist to a swing arm or a trolley. The swingarm is the best option for moving a load from one conveyor to another or if it requires lifting from a belt and placing it on a storage rack. The trolley is better if the load must be raised and lowered at multiple workstations on the same conveyor.
  • Can the facility support every type of hoist? Our Design crews examine the roof and wall support structures to ensure they can handle the combined weight of the hoist and load.

Each manual chain hoist we sell has its manufacturer’s warranty and meets all OHSA requirements and the ANSI B30.16 regulations. For more information about what Protek Crane Solutions can provide your business, call us today at 855-776-8354 or ask us at