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Elevate Efficiency with Tailored Lever Hoists

Elevate Efficiency with Tailored Lever Hoists

Posted by ProTek Crane Solutions on 27th Feb 2024

For many manufacturers and warehouse operators, a lever hoist can be an essential tool in their day-to-day operations. At ProTek, our sales team can help each business determine the best hoist for its operations. Then, our Installation and Maintenance Teams will deliver and keep that choice in optimal condition.

Each business has its individual requirements, but three points are common to many manufacturing and warehouse operations: Weight, Height, and Portability.

  • Weight – This point is not only about how pounds or tons are lifted but also how often it occurs and how long each operation takes. This is particularly important in businesses that handle multiple products daily or change the type of product they manufacture or assemble on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Height – There are two factors when it comes to height: How high the hoist needs to lift a product and the overhead clearance of the facility. If a change in lift height is required due to a change in production, we have some lever hoist models with adjustable load chains to meet that requirement.
  • Portability – Larger operations often have the resources to secure all hoists and cranes permanently. Small or family-owned businesses often need the option to shift equipment around to meet a product change for manufacturing or when storage racks need moving to accommodate more oversized products or boxes. Our Maintenance Teams can shift many of our lever hoist models to a new position within minutes.

All lever hoists ProTek sells meet or exceed ASME B30.21 and every other State and Federal safety guideline and regulation. All products we sell come from one of the major manufacturers located in the USA. Some of our more popular models come from Yale, Harrington, CM, and Coffing Hoist. We also include, with the manufacturer’s warranty, a maintenance plan to meet your operational requirements and remain within your budget.

To learn more about what ProTek Crane Solutions can do for your business, call us today at (855) 776-8354. You can also ask questions and leave your contact information with our Sales Team at or check out our latest updates on Facebook.