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The Manual Chain Hoist – A Production Staple

Demand increases for almost every product during the holiday season. This includes not only retail goods but many commercial operations as well. Homeowners who can afford it want to improve their residences while adding to their closets or their kids’ toy boxes. Protek Crane Solutions can help every business meet these increased demands by increasing production with a manual chain hoist

A popular manufacturer and model we carry is the Harrington RCB030. It has a tough outer shell with precision-milled interior components to easily handle heavy loads during normal operations. This model has a twenty-foot lift and can carry up to three tons. It is also spark-resistant, making it an ideal hoist in any environment. These additional features are standard on every Harrington Hoist: 

  • Impact-resistant, all-steel construction
  • Rugged hand wheel covers and gear cases
  • Designed for easy portability and low-headroom environments
  • Integrated Slip Clutch that prevents lifting loads beyond rated weight capacity 
  • Grade 100, Manganese alloy steel chain heat-treated to resist wear and abrasion
  • Heat-treated steel hooks designed to open gradually eliminate fracturing, even under excessive loads
  • All top and bottom hooks have heavy-duty latches for increased safety
  • Double Reduction Gearing is heat-treated, case-hardened, and enclosed to reduce damage from dust and water 
  • Brakes have Double Pawl Springs for highly reliable operation and instant activation in case of an emergency
  • Complies with ANSI/ASME B30.16 – “Safety Standard – Overhead Hoists” and HST—2M – “Performance Standard for Hand Chain Manually Operated Chain Hoists” 

Every hoist and crane we sell and install meets OSHA and ANSI/ASME requirements and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and a maintenance schedule that we tailor to your operational and budgetary needs. If you have an already installed device in your business, our Maintenance Technicians can provide a thorough inspection to ensure safe operation and develop a maintenance schedule to keep it running. 

It’s not too late to upgrade and increase your production capabilities. Call Protek Crane Solutions at (855) 776-8354 to schedule a visit from our Inspection Team to see if a Manual Chain Hoist is right for you. If you have questions, you can also reach us at To see the latest additions to our inventory, check us out on Facebook.

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Professional Crane Repair in Chattanooga

Cranes are popular machines for large and small operations because they are often simple to operate safely with minimal training. Repairs, however, should always be accomplished by a trained and certified company. At ProTek Crane Solutions, our maintenance teams train extensively in major brands such as Spanco and Yale, which should make us your first choice in Chattanooga for crane repair. 

Able to lift items of various sizes and shapes, cranes are also versatile. With the correct model and a trained employee operating it, a crane can transfer items between assembly lines, place products into inventory, and then remove items to fulfill sales orders promptly and safely. When a breakdown happens, ProTek teams are ready to respond immediately.

We understand that a track jams, a hook snaps, or a chain breaks at the most inconvenient time. Weekends, the beginning of the day, or the start of a new production line could be significant problems, but our maintenance teams are on-call and ready to respond at any time. ProTek understands that losing a day’s operation can mean additional transportation fees to fulfill orders on time or even losing valued customers.  

However, the best way to deal with repairs is to reduce the need for them. Each crane we sell and service has a complete maintenance plan to keep it running at total capacity while not interfering with normal operations. Our repair teams can schedule visits before, after, or between shifts. 

ProTek also sells and repairs chain and wire hoists, both manual and electric. As with the cranes we service, our teams train on all major hoist manufacturers, such as Harrington and Detroit Hoist. If you have a hoist or crane purchased from another company, we can also develop a maintenance plan for it. 

If you need crane repair or one of our other services for your Chattanooga business, contact ProTek Crane Solutions today. You can reach us at (855) 776-8354 or visit us on Facebook. If you have specific questions or need an extended list of our services, you can also provide your contact information to us at We are here for you.

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Chain Hoist Nashville

A chain hoist can be a vital device to any Nashville business. Depending on the size of the operation and the type of product manufactured or shipped, an electric or manual chain hoist from Protek Crane Solutions is an excellent choice that can meet operational and budget requirements.


One of our more popular chain hoist manufacturers is Harrington. The company has an extensive line of both electric and manual chain hoists. Each type has its advantages depending on the commercial requirements of the business. Here are some of the standard features:


Electric Hoists

  • Nickel-plated, Grade 80 load chain resists wear and tear from daily use and corrosion.
  • Each motor rates for a full sixty minutes of continuous operation. They have heat-resistant cooling fans and Class B insulation to reduce the risk of overheating.
  • The Guardian Smart Brake. An electromagnetic fail-safe that locks the brake immediately, freezing all movement during interruptions to the power source.
  • Five-Pocket Load Sheave uses five deep-pocket grooves to reduce load chain vibration and increase support. The Sheave reduces daily wear and tear and provides a smoother vertical lift.
  • Friction Clutch design that eliminates winding and reduces damage to the hoist machinery from daily use.
  • Patented design allows installation as a Basic Hook and Lug Suspension and to Geared and Motorized trolleys.


Manual Chain Hoists

  • Compact design, which works particularly well in confined work areas.
  • The Top Hook has a Pivot and Swivel design for quick installation.
  • All-steel construction that weighs less than many aluminum counterparts
  • Split Load Double Reduction Gears provide a longer work life than similar models from other companies.
  • Meets ANSI B30.16, B30.21 regulations, applicable OSHA standards, and state regulations.
  • Weston Load Brake uses four braking surfaces and two moisture-resistant brake pads, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and property damage.


If you have questions about which chain hoist is best for your Nashville operation, contact Protek Crane Solutions today. To schedule an appointment with our Sales staff or an onsite inspection with our Installation team, call (855) 776-8354. You can view our inventory here or leave questions and contact information at

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Crane Repair Bowling Green

Equipment failures happen to every business at some point. It is inconvenient for most companies, but the impact is felt almost immediately when a crane or hoist breaks down for a factory or warehouse operation. At Protek Crane Solutions, we take every step to keep the impact of needed hoist and crane repair for Bowling Green businesses to a minimum. 

Our technicians attend training from the major manufacturers on their products and can quickly affect repairs to your crane or hoist. Our crane repair teams try to make repairs on-site to keep the downtime to a minimum. We keep a large inventory of replacement parts on hand for our more popular models, so many of our repairs can take one or two days to only a few hours. 

Common repairs that we quickly make include the following:

  • Chain and Hook replacement
  • Reattaching hand controls
  • Switching out motors 

Our teams estimate how long we need to make repairs for larger cranes or smaller models severely damaged in an accident and then transport them to our repair facility. If we need to order a part, our front office updates every customer and schedules the repair as soon as it arrives.

Many repairs are simply replacing worn-out parts. Normal wear and tear occurs with every mechanical device, particularly cranes and hoists. To avoid these issues, Protek provides a maintenance plan for each crane we sell to keep costs low. To reduce the hours of downtime, our personnel can perform scheduled maintenance around shift changes, regular work hours, and even holidays. A scheduled maintenance plan also ensures local operations meet local, state, and federal safety regulations. 

The manufacturer’s warranty covers many of these issues, so there is no cost to the customer. However, if you have a crane or other device purchased elsewhere and the warranty has expired, our Maintenance Team can build a plan to keep your crane working without breaking your budget. 

If you have questions about Protek crane repair in Bowling Green, our other services, or to schedule an appointment, call our office today at 1-855-776-8354. You can also submit questions or provide contact information to

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Wire Rope Hoist Clarksville

Wire Rope Hoists Are A Better Choice in Clarksville.

Depending on the needs of your Clarksville business, a wire rope hoist may be a better choice. It could be advantageous if your operation is industrial or continually lifts and moves heavy items throughout work shifts. At ProTek Crane Solutions, we have an extensive inventory of hoists from major manufacturers like Harrington and R&M. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can provide a device that functions efficiently in factories, forges, and warehouses.

The extra strength of a wire rope hoist lies in its multiple strands of stainless steel, high tensile wire. Woven together, the strands each take on an equal amount of the weight and stress of each load. That not only provides for carrying more weight more efficiently, but the woven strands also provide for a safer work environment for employees and reduce the risk of damage to the facility and the product or inventory item. If a single strand breaks, the rest of the wire rope can safely carry the load until an operator lowers it to the floor or a pallet. 

Other features of these hoists include the following: 

  • Increased weight load. Depending on the type of hoist, a tightly woven wire rope can carry over twice the amount of a chain hoist. 
  • Durability. Each hoist can carry loads longer and last longer than many chain hoists.
  • Low maintenance. They require less maintenance than their chain hoist counterparts.

Routine Maintenance for Wire Rope Hoists

Our support continues beyond sales. The ProTek maintenance team can install every hoist we sell. Our personnel receive initial training from every major manufacturer in the US and return for further training whenever a new product comes online or the manufacturer makes a significant change to an existing product. Our team can also develop a routine maintenance plan to support every hoist we sell and stay within your maintenance budget. If you purchased a hoist or crane elsewhere, we can also build a plan for that. 

No matter what type of wire rope hoist your Clarksville operation requires, ProTek Crane Solutions has an option for you. You can view our current inventory here or call our sales office today at (855) 776-8354 with any questions or to schedule a meeting.

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Electric Chain Hoist Chattanooga

Every business needs reliable retail equipment, which often means registers and OCR Readers for tracking inventory. For a commercial or industrial operation in Chattanooga, Protek provides the electric chain hoist to sustain the workflow needed to keep customers satisfied and workers safe. 

A popular line of electric chain hoists we carry is from Harrington. Their NER 2G020C is a reliable model that functions well in almost any environment. It has a 20-foot lift, carries up to two tons, and has a geared suspension that keeps it moving at a reliable, steady pace. It can operate on 230-3-60 or 460-3-60 voltage, roll at 7 or 7/1 feet per minute, and easily attaches to a flange range of 3.23 to 6.02 or 6.03 to 12.00. 

The NER’s and most other Harrington models’ standard features include a Grade 80 nickel-plated load chain designed to resist corrosion and wear and tear (typical metal fatigue) from daily use. There is a Friction Clutch that reduces damage to each hoist in normal operations by eliminating winding. Also included is the Guardian Smart Brake, an electromagnetic fail-safe that shuts down all movement if the power is interrupted. 

Other features include: 

  • A Standard Bottom Hook
  • BK2D2 Canvas Chain Container
  • Fifteen-Foot Power Supply
  • Parallel Lug Mount
  • Standard Bottom Hook
  • Standard Pendant with Standard-to-Lift 18.2 Foot Pendant Length 
  • Trolley Hand Chain Drop of 20.5 Feet
  • UL Listed

We also recommend the Mechanical Load Brake, an optional feature, for safety reasons. It locks in place when there is motor failure to reduce the risk of inventory loss and employee injuries. 

Our Maintenance team inspects each hoist in our inventory before a sale, and all hoists come with a full warranty. If you already have one or more electric chain hoists, we can inspect them and develop an affordable schedule for routine upkeep. 

To view our entire chain hoist inventory, visit our website or look us up on Facebook for the latest information. If you are ready to choose an electric chain hoist for your Chattanooga business, contact our Protek Solutions Customer Service office at 1-855-776-8354. If you still have questions, leave them and your contact information at We are here for you.

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Chain Hoist II

Chain Hoist Bowling Green 

Every factory or manufacturing operation needs to move products across workstations. Operations might include assembling small items such as computers or large items like outboard engines and industrial freezers. This task requires equipment such as a chain hoist for the larger items. The first choice for selecting a chain hoist in Bowling Green is Protek Crane Solutions.

For these types of operations, a chain hoist in Bowling Green is a cost-effective choice for moving the items listed above and for items weighing up to ten tons and more if required. Protek offers extensive manual and electric chain hoists to meet every need. The brands we offer include CM, Coffing, Harrington, and Yale. 

Our Sales Team makes sure each customer has the right piece of equipment by determining what their needs are for their business. Included in this determination are the answers to these questions:

  • What is the heaviest item lifted? It may appear to be a simple question, but if that item is a fully assembled, finished piece of equipment, the hoist or hoists you need must meet that final requirement. For example, if everything moving through your plant weighs under 2000 pounds, but once assembled, it weighs over 3000 pounds, then the hoist, if it is the same one for the entire process, must be rated for at least four tons to ensure proper function, movement, and safe operation. 
  • How high do you need to lift an item? Again, it looks like a simple question, but several factors affect the answer. Is the item raised from the floor or off a pallet or table? How high over the work floor is the hoist mounted? These two answers determine the chain length needed for the hoist to perform all necessary functions.
  • Will the hoist remain stationary or move throughout the plant? Our installation team can quickly attach a chain hoist to a ceiling mount if it stays in place. If the hoist has to carry items to different stations, the team can secure a trolley to the overhead girders for easy movement. 
  • How quickly do items need to move at and between stations? In many cases, a manual chain hoist meets all requirements. A company may need an electric chain hoist to lift, lower, and move items throughout a facility if a rapid pace is necessary to fulfill customer orders. 

Different Types of Chain Hoists in Denham Springs

To begin this determination, call Protek Crane Solutions at (855) 776-8354 or provide contact information and leave any questions at To review our chain hoist brands and models selection, visit our website here.

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Jib Crane Bowling Green

For tasks that involve repetitive lifting in a tight workspace, a jib crane is the best option for businesses in Bowling Green. At Protek, our Sales team works closely with each customer to ensure we sell and install the best match to their needs.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Jib Crane

Included in what our Sales team looks for with each customer are these factors:

  • Required Area of Rotation: If the area needed is 180 degrees, then a wall-mounted jib crane is preferred. For a full 360-degree rotation, a mast-style jib or a freestanding jib crane is the best choice.
  • Required Working Span: The distance needed is approximately the length of the boom, subtracting one-half the length of the trolley at both ends. 
  • Required Under Boom Height: The minimum height is the distance from the floor to the underside of the boom. This factor includes the hoist size and the maximum lifting height needed.
  • Required Overall Height: This factor also helps eliminate overhead obstructions that interfere with routine operation. Any attachments to the crane are included, such as the electrical plug and power cord. 
  • Power Requirements: Is power required for the hoist, motor drive, trolley, or all three? Is the power needed for air, electricity, or a combination? Is the access point on the top or bottom of the jib crane? 

Once we have a complete determination, solutions include these options:

  • Mobile: These can move materials or finished products in a 180- or 360-degree range. This model is useful for lifting and transferring loads onto conveyors or nearby workstations. Different models allow for attaching balancers and other tools and move easily to other locations in a factory or warehouse. 
  • Overhead: These models can be mounted to walls for 180-degree work area needs, trolleys for 360-degree access, or move materials to another workstation.
  • Floor-Mounted: These jib cranes are excellent options for moving inventory from a storage area to a conveyor for shipping. They are also useful for lifting and setting partially assembled products (i.e., refrigerators) to a conveyor so workers can complete assembly.

Each jib crane Protek sells to, and installs for Bowling Green businesses meets all federal requirements (ANSI/ASME B30.21) and state safety regulations. To schedule an appointment with our Sales Team, call us at 855-776-8354. If you need a detailed response to one or more questions, you can also message us at

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Wire Rope Hoist Nashville

Commercial operations need reliable equipment for lifting and moving parts for assembly or moving products and inventory in as stock or out for shipping. At Protek, we offer various wire rope hoists for Nashville businesses. 

Our installation and sales teams work with Detroit, Harrington, and R&M Hoists to ensure each customer has the best possible choice in hoists for their operation. Access to each company’s complete inventory enables us to support area customers with everything from major commercial operations requiring hoists to cover loads of up to 150 tons to smaller family businesses that only need to lift and move loads of five tons or less. 

No matter what a Nashville company may produce or ship, a wire rope hoist offers two improvements over a chain hoist. Both are reliable and provide safe operation, but the wire rope option is often stronger due to the weave of high-tensile strength and premium-grade steel wire strands. This additional strength allows each hoist to carry and transport loads longer than their chain counterparts. 

Increased safety is the other improvement. Unlike a single link separating on a chain, hundreds of other steel strands carry the weight if one or several split on a wire rope. Once a hoist operator notices the broken strands, he has more than enough time to stop the device and safely lower the load, preventing injury to employees and potential damage to the facility and to the load itself. 

Safety is also why our installation team performs an inspection of each facility. Our inspectors must determine the amount of weight the overhead structure can support. We cannot install a hoist with a load capacity of 30 tons if the structure’s ability stops at 25 tons.

To ensure each new hoist stays operational, we provide a robust maintenance plan for every one we sell. If you have a hoist or crane purchased from another agency, our Maintenance team can still help you develop a plan that meets requirements without breaking your budget.

Protek has the wire rope hoist your Nashville business needs regardless of what you produce or ship. To determine the best option for your requirements, contact our office today at (855) 776-8354 to schedule a meeting, or contact us at with any questions.

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Electric Chain Hoist Clarksville

Electric Chain Hoist works on Multiple Lines

For many small or large businesses in Clarksville, an electric chain hoist is an excellent device for lifting, loading, and manufacturing operations. Protek has options to support multiple assembly lines, small appliance manufacturing, and extensive warehouse facilities. Every brand and model of hoist we sell is ready to work immediately after installation and meets all Federal and State safety requirements.

For large or heavy operations, the Harrington ER2M200S-L is an excellent choice. It can raise to 20 Tons and has a twenty-foot lift. This electric chain hoist comes with a perpendicular lug mount for the basic Hook and Lug suspension or is available with a flange that can be mounted to a rafter with a range of 5.50-8.66 inches for use as a Trolley, which makes it ideal for operations like engine assembly lines. 

The ER2M200S-L traverses at forty feet per minute, and operators can raise loads at five-and-a-half feet per minute. It has a hardwired power supply and operates at 460V-3ph-60Hz. It has heat-resistant cooling fans and Class B insulation to protect against overheating and is rated for one hour of continuous operation. 

Chain vibration is a common problem with electric chain hoists. To reduce this risk and increase support to the load chain, Harrington utilizes five deep-groove pockets to reduce chain wear and provide a smoother vertical lift. 

To ensure safe operations, Harrington uses the Guardian Smart Brake. The electromagnetic brake has a fail-safe that halts all movement if the power supply is interrupted. In conjunction with the Guardian, the friction clutch serves to eliminate winding. It lowers the risk of damage to the hoist under regular operation. 

Electric Chain Hoist Maintenance Plans

In addition to sales and installation, Protek repairs damaged or malfunctioning hoists and performs preventive maintenance to help keep local businesses up and running. If you purchased an electric chain hoist with another company, we can still repair it and build a maintenance plan to help reduce operational loss due to routine wear and tear. 

For further information about what we can do for your Clarksville business, call the Protek Sales team at 855-776-8354. We can schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and determine which electric chain hoist is your best option. You can also request product information and submit questions to our Service team by emailing us at