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1 Ton Wall Mounted Jib Crane

1 Ton Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Posted by ProTek Crane Solutions on 11th Jun 2024

Business owners must be creative regarding everything, including material handling and storage, to get the best results from every facility and equipment item. Traditional overhead floor-mounted hoists and cranes cannot function close to support columns or if a conveyor is in a location with no overhead support beams. A 1-ton wall-mounted jib crane from Protek Crane Solutions is the best choice for moving product items in these situations.

A great example is our 301-100-12, Wall Tie Supported Jib. This Spanco model easily lifts and moves up to 1 ton and operates smoothly in any indoor environment. All swivel connections have brass bushings for durability and grease fittings for smooth rotation, resulting in a longer service life than similar models from other manufacturers.

It is a superb choice for any business but is especially valuable for smaller facilities where movement is limited. When correctly positioned by our installation team, a 301 model functions well and enhances other operations by lifting and moving property faster than other jib crane choices. Key features include:

  • Operating span of twelve feet with a clear span of ten feet, ten inches.
  • Tie Rod Support enhances overall structural integrity with a length of nine feet five inches.
  • The final coating of yellow paint is corrosion-resistant, providing a longer work life.
  • Robust flange width of 3.33 inches for increased operational durability.
  • The Beam Bracket Center, mounted at one foot, nine inches on the arm, helps to maximize load distribution and balancing while lifting, lowering, and moving products.
  • Every Spanco jib crane is manufactured exclusively in the U.S.A.

Our maintenance team inspects each crane and hoist in our inventory before delivering and installing it at your facility or worksite. Every item we sell meets all ANSI/ASME regulations and state safety requirements. If you already have a jib crane that meets your needs but is out of warranty, we can help you. Our maintenance team can inspect your device and develop a maintenance plan to keep you operating without breaking your budget.

To learn more about Protek Crane Solution’s wall-mounted jib cranes and other options, call our Sales Team at 855-589-0343. You can also leave contact information and any questions at

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