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Jib Crane Use

Jib Crane Use

Posted by ProTek Staff on 29th Apr 2024

For tasks that involve repetitive lifting in a tight workspace, a jib crane is the best option for your business. At Protek, our Sales team works closely with each customer to ensure we sell and install the best match to their needs.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Jib Crane

Included in what our Sales team looks for with each customer are these factors:

Required Area of Rotation: If the area needed is 180 degrees, then a wall-mounted jib crane is preferred. For a full 360-degree rotation, a mast-style jib or a freestanding jib crane is the best choice.

Required Working Span: The distance needed is approximately the length of the boom, subtracting one-half the length of the trolley at both ends.

Required Under Boom Height: The minimum height is the distance from the floor to the underside of the boom. This factor includes the hoist size and the maximum lifting height needed.

Required Overall Height: This factor also helps eliminate overhead obstructions that interfere with routine operation. Any attachments to the crane are included, such as the electrical plug and power cord.

Power Requirements: Is power required for the hoist, motor drive, trolley, or all three? Is the power needed for air, electricity, or a combination? Is the access point on the top or bottom of the jib crane?

Once we have a complete determination, solutions include these options:

Mobile: These can move materials or finished products in a 180- or 360-degree range. This model is useful for lifting and transferring loads onto conveyors or nearby workstations. Different models allow for attaching balancers and other tools and move easily to other locations in a factory or warehouse.

Overhead: These models can be mounted to walls for 180-degree work area needs, trolleys for 360-degree access, or move materials to another workstation.

Floor-Mounted: These jib cranes are excellent options for moving inventory from a storage area to a conveyor for shipping. They are also helpful for lifting and setting partially assembled products (i.e., refrigerators) to a conveyor so workers can complete assembly.

Each jib crane Protek sells to, and installs for Bowling Green businesses meets all federal requirements (ANSI/ASME B30.21) and state safety regulations. To schedule an appointment with our Sales Team, call us at 855-776-8354. If you need a detailed response to one or more questions, you can also message us at