Overhead Cranes

ProTek Crane Solutions has a crane for every need from light duty applications to C Class manufacturing. We build and install each crane to the individual customer’s needs and specifications. It is why our company is now the fastest growing distributor of cranes and hoists in the Southeast. Regardless if your company customizes motorcycles or builds industrial grade HVAC units, ProTek has the crane you need.

Each ProTek Crane and Hoist system meets all industry and regulatory standards. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our design team to create a system that meets your company’s requirements. ProTek is here to help you succeed.


Single Girder Cranes

These cranes are what most people see in TV and movies if a scene is shot in a factory. It happens because, with a capacity from 1 to 15 tons, nearly every city in the Southeast has a manufacturing plant utilizing a Single Girder system. They are a versatile choice for fabrication operations as well, with the capability to handle large panels of sheet metal as they are cut or welded. A Single Girder Crane can also support a wide range of hoist options available from ProTek.


Double Girder Cranes

These cranes are the work horses for heavy industry manufacturing and other operations. With a lifting range from 1 to 100 tons, our ProTek design team can help you build the ideal system for a Duty Class C paper mill or other, similar-sized operations. For operations this size, our design and application specialists carefully consider the effect on the surrounding environment to meet State and Federal EPA requirements. 


Jib Cranes

These cranes are extremely versatile, with a lifting range that runs from ¼ to 20 tons. It makes them ideal for everything from working on industrial sized refrigerators to lifting and moving commercial-grade HVAC units to multiple work stations around a central point. Depending on your requirements, options to maximize capability include Fully Motorized, Articulating Booms, and both Ceiling and Wall Mounts.


Work Station Cranes

Ideal for light industry, these cranes handle products in weight from ¼ to 2 tons. Add in options like a Motorized Bridge and Trolley or a Variable Speed control, and personnel can swiftly move raw materials, transformers, and sub-assemblies from one station to another on a compact, efficient assembly line. No matter the need, our application team can help design a system ideal for your business with Ceiling, Counter Lever, or Floor Mount options.