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Modular Bridge Crane

Modular Bridge Crane

Posted by ProTek Crane Solutions on 7th May 2024

A modular bridge crane is a versatile, general-purpose option for many businesses, e.g., those in the general industry and light fabrication and manufacturing. At Protek Crane Solutions, we help customers determine the best design so their bridge cranes can function efficiently, regardless of their manufacturing or assembly requirements.

We define this style of bridge crane as modular since the various parts are “plug and play.” The design of the motors, hoists, drives, and control units allows them to interact with a variety of options. For example, a modular bridge crane can be used for top or under-running, and we can configure each one for single or double girder use. Depending on the specific need, ARG Marine has many of these options in our warehouse and can prepare them for delivery and assembly in a matter of hours.

When designing one of these cranes, our technicians follow two requirements that ensure a reliable product to keep our customers moving:

  • Application – As mentioned, the design is used in general industry, along with light manufacturing and fabrication. This means workloads of ten tons or less, with no environmental hazards to consider.
  • Usage – The crane moves material through a facility, i.e., for storage or shipping. A fast rate of travel is not needed, and daily usage is infrequent, not constant.

Modular bridge cranes are also a more economical option. Since these mass-produced parts function in so many configurations, they are cheaper to purchase. If a particular control unit or hoist is not in our inventory, we can source and have it delivered more quickly from multiple suppliers, which reduces downtime and loss of revenue to our customers.

We stock multiple choices from Spanco Cranes and Harrington Hoists to ensure the best quality for area businesses. These U.S. suppliers meet all ANSI/ASME standards and have extensive options for businesses of every type and size:

  • Load Capacities from 100 lbs to ten tons.
  • Bridge Lengths and Runway Spans from eight to twelve feet.
  • Height options from ten to fourteen feet.

For more information about modular bridge cranes and other products from Protek Crane Solutions, contact our Sales Office at (855) 776-8354 to determine the best option for your business. To see our latest updates, visit our company on Facebook. You can also ask questions or leave your contact information at for further details about what we can do for you.