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Electric Chain Hoist III

Electric Chain Hoist III

Posted by ProTek Crane Solutions on 9th Apr 2024

Depending on its needs, an electric chain hoist can be the workhorse of any business. Protek Crane Solutions carries an extensive inventory of hoists from Harrington Hoist that can meet every requirement for commercial or industrial operations. Each hoist and other devices we carry meet all Federal and State requirements for safe operations and are inspected by our Maintenance Team before we put them out for sale.

An excellent machine for smaller operations is the One-Ton Harrington SEQP010SD-10. This hoist has a 10’ lift and comes with a push trolley. The combination makes it ideal for use on a single girder. It can handle beam flanges ranging from 2 ¼ inches to 5 inches in width. Its low profile requires a minimum beam height of only 3 9/16 inches. With a weight of only 108 pounds, it is perfect for an assembly line that requires the primary product to remain suspended for an extended time for workers on the line.

This SEQ model also operates well in harsh conditions. The aluminum body has an epoxy spray finish, so it is resistant to almost any impact and extreme temperatures. The chain is steel with a nickel plating, which reduces the chance of rust to practically zero. The lifting hook is carbon steel, and the attached push trolley is just as tough with steel wheels.

Since speed is essential, the P010SD-10 allows the operator to move it at a higher speed when it carries no load. This feature provides a faster return to the assembly line starting point for increased efficiency.

Every hoist, crane, and other machine we sell comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you have a piece of equipment from another company, we can work with that, too. Our Maintenance Team can inspect and repair it, then create a regular maintenance schedule that minimizes downtime and keeps your operation running as smoothly as possible. Check out the NER030L-20, top of the line product.

For more information about our electric chain hoists from Harrington Hoist and the other machines we carry from Detroit Hoist, Rigid Lifelines, and Spanco, call Protek Crane Solutions today. You can contact our Sales Team at or call (855) 776-8354 with any questions. You can also follow us on Facebook or see the latest additions to our inventory on Pinterest.