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Wire Rope Hoists

For industrial and heavy-duty applications, a wire rope hoist is better than a chain hoist. Protek offers a wide selection of wire rope hoists from the Detroit, Harrington, and R&M Hoist lines of products. The hoists we sell and service are designed for operations such as paper mills, fabrication, die handling, and other production lines with similar requirements for weight and extended operating hours where needed. Each machine is designed not just for performance, but for long-term reliability and safe employee operation as well.

Why is a wire rope hoist a better option? In a word, redundancy. Each one is woven with multiple strands of steel wire. That means the stress of a load’s weight is distributed over each strand and not concentrated in a single link as with a chain hoist. This is why a wire rope can handle heavier loads and suspend them for a longer time, which allows for more time to complete a new piece of equipment or repair/maintain an older item without needing to set it down to relieve stress on the hoist.

That redundancy also provides increased safety for employees and reduces inventory damage. If a strand breaks on a wire rope, the other strands can take up the weight until an item can be safely lowered to the ground or a work surface. If a break happens with a chain hoist, there can be immediate damage to not just the load, but a heavy item can also damage a floor or crush a worktable underneath it. Worse, the falling item can also severely injure an employee.

The mounting options we offer include a base (deck) mount or a lug suspension system. Both are very reliable with modern construction and the latest features to help ensure low maintenance costs and years of superb service. Features common to each hoist include the following:

Drop Forged Steel Hook: This high-strength hook is extremely tough and can still swivel a full 360 degrees even when carrying a maximum weight load.

High Tensile Steel Wire: Only premium-grade steel is used in the hoists we sell. Once woven together, a wire rope can carry up to three times the weight of a chain hoist.

There are dozens of other options available, depending on the needs of your business. To determine exactly what you need, call Protek Crane Solutions sales team today at 855-776-8354. They can help with not only sales but also set up a maintenance schedule to keep your new hoist running smoothly for years to come

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