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Wire Rope Hoist Nashville

Commercial operations need reliable equipment for lifting and moving parts for assembly or moving products and inventory in as stock or out for shipping. At Protek, we offer various wire rope hoists for Nashville businesses. 

Our installation and sales teams work with Detroit, Harrington, and R&M Hoists to ensure each customer has the best possible choice in hoists for their operation. Access to each company’s complete inventory enables us to support area customers with everything from major commercial operations requiring hoists to cover loads of up to 150 tons to smaller family businesses that only need to lift and move loads of five tons or less. 

No matter what a Nashville company may produce or ship, a wire rope hoist offers two improvements over a chain hoist. Both are reliable and provide safe operation, but the wire rope option is often stronger due to the weave of high-tensile strength and premium-grade steel wire strands. This additional strength allows each hoist to carry and transport loads longer than their chain counterparts. 

Increased safety is the other improvement. Unlike a single link separating on a chain, hundreds of other steel strands carry the weight if one or several split on a wire rope. Once a hoist operator notices the broken strands, he has more than enough time to stop the device and safely lower the load, preventing injury to employees and potential damage to the facility and to the load itself. 

Safety is also why our installation team performs an inspection of each facility. Our inspectors must determine the amount of weight the overhead structure can support. We cannot install a hoist with a load capacity of 30 tons if the structure’s ability stops at 25 tons.

To ensure each new hoist stays operational, we provide a robust maintenance plan for every one we sell. If you have a hoist or crane purchased from another agency, our Maintenance team can still help you develop a plan that meets requirements without breaking your budget.

Protek has the wire rope hoist your Nashville business needs regardless of what you produce or ship. To determine the best option for your requirements, contact our office today at (855) 776-8354 to schedule a meeting, or contact us at with any questions.

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