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Wire Rope Hoist III

Depending on the lift and conveyor needs of a business, installing a wire rope hoist can be the preferred choice over the more common chain hoist. At Protek, our sales team can help every customer choose the best device for their commercial requirements. 

A wire rope hoist can carry the same weight as a chain hoist but do so for a longer period. What gives it this advantage are the multiple strands versus a single chain. This weave of premium-grade, high-tensile steel strands provides increased strength and durability. It works because the weight is evenly distributed along each strand, making each strand both supportive and redundant. 

The advantage is not just in improved strength. A wire rope hoist is often safer than a chain counterpart. If one strand, or several, fray and separate, it does not mean there is a threat to personnel, facilities, or products. When this happens, the operator of the hoist has time to safely inform a supervisor, lower the load to take the weight off the hoist, and wait for a Protek maintenance team to come in and replace the rope. 

Our maintenance teams do far more than just switch out ropes, however. They also install hoists for each of our customers after purchase. A team inspector starts the process by inspecting the support structure of the facility. If a girder or other support beam cannot carry a load over five tons, then mounting a hoist to lift and transfer 10 tons across a work floor is only going to damage the facility, the load being moved, and the floor surface. 

Protek has access to every model of wire rope hoist available from Harrington, R&M, and Detroit, three of the largest hoist and crane manufacturers in the country. That means we can support requirements that run from manufacturing and steel plants that need to move over 100 tons across large facilities to small assembly plants that move only one or two tons across a few dozen feet. 

Regardless of what you need to lift and move in an assembly plant or warehouse, Protek can help you meet that need. Our sales and maintenance teams can also develop a maintenance plan that won’t exceed your operational budget. Call us today at 855-776-8354 to schedule a meeting, or contact us at if you want more information about our products and services.