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Wire Rope Hoist II

For many business and personal requirements, a wire rope hoist is a better option than a standard chain hoist or crane. At Protek, we have an exceptional inventory of hoists to support personal use and commercial operations. 

Our sales team members have access to R&M, Harrington, and Detroit products; three of the most trusted names in manufacturing when it comes to cranes and hoists. That allows us to help individuals with a range of one to three-ton hoists and commercial operations such as industrial appliance manufacturing and metal fabrication with larger hoists that include a weight load of up to 150 tons. 

Wire rope often makes for a better hoist due to its weave design. This weave of multiple wire strands allows for a smaller device that can carry more weight for a longer time than its chain counterpart. Regardless of which company you choose, each hoist we sell uses only high tensile steel wire made with premium-grade steel. 

In addition to its increased load capacity, a wire rope hoist can also be a safer option for your personnel and facilities. A steel strand that separates on a wire hoist does not result in an immediate threat. There are hundreds of other strands to carry the weight until the operator can safely lower the load to the ground. This prevents damage to the load and the floor. It also reduces the risk of injury to employees. 

Our installation team does more than simply arrive on-site, attach a hoist where you direct them, and leave. Protek specialists inspect the overhead girder or other support structure to ensure that, for example, the Detroit Model DR6M30 with a three-metric ton lift capability isn’t attached to a support beam that can only support two metric tons. Our team can also work with you to determine a maintenance plan that supports operations without breaking your budget. 

Whatever your personal or business need, Protek has an option to fit any requirement. Our sales team can help you with the details in terms of floor space and height requirements from an assembly line to a one-car garage. To get started, email us at or call our office at 1-855-776-8354.