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Wire Rope Hoist Clarksville

Wire Rope Hoists Are A Better Choice in Clarksville.

Depending on the needs of your Clarksville business, a wire rope hoist may be a better choice. It could be advantageous if your operation is industrial or continually lifts and moves heavy items throughout work shifts. At ProTek Crane Solutions, we have an extensive inventory of hoists from major manufacturers like Harrington and R&M. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can provide a device that functions efficiently in factories, forges, and warehouses.

The extra strength of a wire rope hoist lies in its multiple strands of stainless steel, high tensile wire. Woven together, the strands each take on an equal amount of the weight and stress of each load. That not only provides for carrying more weight more efficiently, but the woven strands also provide for a safer work environment for employees and reduce the risk of damage to the facility and the product or inventory item. If a single strand breaks, the rest of the wire rope can safely carry the load until an operator lowers it to the floor or a pallet. 

Other features of these hoists include the following: 

  • Increased weight load. Depending on the type of hoist, a tightly woven wire rope can carry over twice the amount of a chain hoist. 
  • Durability. Each hoist can carry loads longer and last longer than many chain hoists.
  • Low maintenance. They require less maintenance than their chain hoist counterparts.

Routine Maintenance for Wire Rope Hoists

Our support continues beyond sales. The ProTek maintenance team can install every hoist we sell. Our personnel receive initial training from every major manufacturer in the US and return for further training whenever a new product comes online or the manufacturer makes a significant change to an existing product. Our team can also develop a routine maintenance plan to support every hoist we sell and stay within your maintenance budget. If you purchased a hoist or crane elsewhere, we can also build a plan for that. 

No matter what type of wire rope hoist your Clarksville operation requires, ProTek Crane Solutions has an option for you. You can view our current inventory here or call our sales office today at (855) 776-8354 with any questions or to schedule a meeting.