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Invest in Crane and Hoist Operator Training

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Cranes and other heavy lifting equipment are among the most productive and powerful labor-saving devices employed in the manufacturing environment. However, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The tremendous forces at work when operating cranes and hoists can make them tremendously dangerous and destructive in the hands of an unqualified or improperly trained operator.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, fatalities from crane-related incidents average 42 per year. More than half of the fatalities resulted from being struck by objects or equipment, usually from something that fell from the crane. These incidents were often a result of overloading or repeated shock loading of the equipment, leading to equipment failure. They all boil down to human error, which means they are all preventable.

In addition to fatalities and severe injuries, there is also preventable damage and excess wear and tear to the crane equipment. Whether during routine maintenance or when we are called out for repairs, among the most common parts we must replace are electrical controls, frayed or stretched wire rope, deformed hooks and chains, and damaged gear teeth. This type of damage is usually a result of shock loading and overloading the equipment. As you know, when an essential crane or hoist goes down, it can idle your material handling module or even the entire plant, and the costs can be astronomical.

Training and operator experience are the keys to prevention. Frequent training becomes even more critical in operations with high employee turnover rates.

Expect Experience

Cranes are big, complicated, and crucial to your work. There’s no substitute for experience when you choose a team to care for them. Our team takes on a rigorous approach to training, and each member receives extensive factory training from major manufacturers, including P&H, Shaw-Box, Yale, and CM. By staying up-to-date and on the leading edge of our field, we provide complete confidence in our industrial crane repairs.

Save with Scheduled Maintenance

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Versatile and ever-useful, cranes see tons of use across a wide range of projects. That’s what gives them their value, but it’s also why they tend to suffer a fair amount of wear and tear. The best way to keep them from dealing with severe damage is to set up regular maintenance appointments with our team. We make sure your equipment is always ready for peak performance, and our mobile crane repair capabilities allow us to work with your needs and schedule. Plus, you’ll save by handling minor wear as it happens, rather than waiting for a big bill when dings and scrapes add up over time. Reach out to us today to learn more about a maintenance plan.

Expediting Emergencies

Even the best maintenance and care on the job can’t prevent every unforeseen emergency. That’s why we prioritize critical projects, ensuring that you can get back online as soon as possible. If you run into unforeseen damage or failure, let us provide a fast fix.

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