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ProTek Crane Repair and Maintenance

Where is The Best Crane Repair?

It is simple enough to untangle a pull chain, but once a crane doesn’t turn properly, a hoist begins dragging over a track, or pulley wheels begin separating from their trolley, it is time to bring in a repair specialist. ProTek Crane Solutions has the training and experience needed to provide quick, professional crane repair.

From moving generators and appliance housings to filling orders from inventory, a crane hoist is often the key piece of equipment in commercial operations. Keeping them in good repair and properly maintained can mean the difference in meeting weekly deadlines and last-minute orders. 

Brand Name Factory Training

At ProTek Crane Solutions, our crane repair techs meet all required training and safety requirements before we send them to your business. Each member of our work teams has hands-on training with equipment brands including CM, P&H, Shaw-Box, and Yale. When a new product becomes available, ProTek makes certain our specialists are among the first to learn how to repair and maintain it. 

Our crane repair specialists make certain each crane is in the best shape possible so that your business can operate at full performance. Since we cannot place a specialist with every client daily, however, ProTek recommends establishing a regular maintenance schedule for each crane and other hoist equipment item in your business. This helps us prevent small issues from becoming critical failures over time. It also keeps monthly and quarterly costs down to an affordable amount. Our scheduling office can help design a plan for every budget.

That said, not even the most thorough maintenance schedule can prevent every breakdown. Anyone with a fair amount of factory or maintenance experience knows that it always seems to happen at the worst possible times; late at night, end of shift, or minutes before a holiday weekend are just a few that come to mind. This is why ProTek Crane Solutions adjusts its schedule to meet critical work stoppages. We do everything possible to get your crane and technicians back to work as quickly as possible. 

In addition to crane repair for businesses, we also provide maintenance, repair, and emergency services for these communities: Nashville, Hopkinsville, Chattanooga, and Bowling Green. So regardless if you need an emergency repair or want to schedule routine maintenance for your operation in Tennessee, contact ProTek Crane Solutions today.