Crane Repair

Professional Crane Repair Keeps Businesses Moving

Regardless if your business is a light manufacturing plant or a final assembly facility, each crane has to function correctly with every minute of operation. At Protek Crane Solutions, our repair teams work to get your operation back on track after a breakdown to keep your cranes and hoists working smoothly so you can care for your customers. 

Protek repair teams start with an inspection of the damaged crane. Once completed, they speak with the owner to determine if the problem is mechanical, electrical, or caused by operator misuse. There could be multiple causes for failure, depending on the type and extent of the damage. Some of the more common issues our teams deal with are brake pads that need replacing and ball bearings that require repacking. 

In most cases, our repair teams try to complete their work on-site. It saves the customer additional costs and gets the crane up and running far sooner than transporting it to our repair shop. We can complete most repairs in a day or two if we have the needed replacement parts. If not, we use expedited shipping and close coordination with each customer to keep the amount of downtime to a minimum. 

Even when repairs are simple, they still interfere with getting products out to customers. If it lasts long enough, a work stoppage or slowdown can eventually result in losing customers. If the problem results from an accident, there are risks of injury and damage to inventory and the facility. 

These incidents are why any business with a crane or hoist needs a detailed maintenance schedule. Protek repair teams can develop a maintenance schedule that meets your business’s needs regarding production, budget, and state and federal safety regulations. If you have a crane purchased from another company, our teams can also build a plan for it. 

If you need an emergency repair or want to set up a maintenance plan to avoid them, Protek Crane Solutions is here for you. We support every hoist and crane we sell and can develop a maintenance plan that keeps your business moving forward. For information about what else we can do for you, contact us at or call us today at (855) 776-8354.