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Professional Crane Repair in Chattanooga

Cranes are popular machines for large and small operations because they are often simple to operate safely with minimal training. Repairs, however, should always be accomplished by a trained and certified company. At ProTek Crane Solutions, our maintenance teams train extensively in major brands such as Spanco and Yale, which should make us your first choice in Chattanooga for crane repair. 

Able to lift items of various sizes and shapes, cranes are also versatile. With the correct model and a trained employee operating it, a crane can transfer items between assembly lines, place products into inventory, and then remove items to fulfill sales orders promptly and safely. When a breakdown happens, ProTek teams are ready to respond immediately.

We understand that a track jams, a hook snaps, or a chain breaks at the most inconvenient time. Weekends, the beginning of the day, or the start of a new production line could be significant problems, but our maintenance teams are on-call and ready to respond at any time. ProTek understands that losing a day’s operation can mean additional transportation fees to fulfill orders on time or even losing valued customers.  

However, the best way to deal with repairs is to reduce the need for them. Each crane we sell and service has a complete maintenance plan to keep it running at total capacity while not interfering with normal operations. Our repair teams can schedule visits before, after, or between shifts. 

ProTek also sells and repairs chain and wire hoists, both manual and electric. As with the cranes we service, our teams train on all major hoist manufacturers, such as Harrington and Detroit Hoist. If you have a hoist or crane purchased from another company, we can also develop a maintenance plan for it. 

If you need crane repair or one of our other services for your Chattanooga business, contact ProTek Crane Solutions today. You can reach us at (855) 776-8354 or visit us on Facebook. If you have specific questions or need an extended list of our services, you can also provide your contact information to us at We are here for you.