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  • Capacities: 250 to 4000 lbs
  • Bridge Lengths, overall: up to 40’
  • Runway Spans: up to 40’
  • Height — Floor-to-Trolley Clevis: 10’, 12’, or 14’ heights are standard

Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes bolt directly to your facility floor. Freestanding systems are ideal for facilities with high ceilings, multiple workstations with different ceiling-heights, or locations with obstructions, such as air ducts, skylights, or overhead storage.

In addition to our custom engineered systems, we make pre-engineered systems that include everything but the hoist and anchor bolts. All Spanco systems meet or exceed ANSI/ASME B30.11 and ANSI/MMA MH27.2 standards for underhung cranes and monorails.

  • TELESCOPING BRIDGES: Providing extended crane reach, telescoping bridges allow you to place parts easily into machinery or into a neighboring workstation. Telescopic bridge cranes also enable you to reach beyond a support column or under a mezzanine. Anti-kick-up wheels keep the telescoping bridge’s movement smooth, even when carrying up to 2,000 pounds.
  • MIXED CAPACITY SYSTEMS: Leverage system capability by specifying heavier capacity runways with multiple smaller capacity bridges. For example, a 2,000-pound capacity runway can run two 1,000-pound bridges or four 500-pound bridges.
  • TRACTOR DRIVES: Motorize the bridge or hoist trolley on a Spanco Workstation Bridge Crane. Frequently used for loads of 1,000-pounds or more, tractor drives are very helpful when transporting material into hard-to-reach areas where manual movement is difficult due to machinery, work tables, or other obstacles.
  • BRIDGE BUFFERS: The buffers roll in the runway tracks between two bridges, which prevent the bridges from overloading the runway’s capacity.
  • INTERMEDIATE BUMPERS: Through-bolted end stops installed at runway support centers prevent more than one bridge crane from operating within a set of support centers.
  • DOUBLE-GIRDER NESTED TROLLEYS (CRAB TROLLEYS):Increasing the available lift height for low headroom applications, double-girder nested trolleys keep the hoist nested between dual girders, which form a box-shaped assembly that rises above a parallel set of connected bridges.
  • BOX TRACK: Festooning cables and hoses run in their own box track, typically positioned above the runway or bridge.
  • DUCT-O-BAR™ ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS: An alternative to festooning cable is the Duct-O-Bar 4-conductor electrical solid bar and brushes in conduit, which runs adjacent to enclosed track on runways or bridges.
  • END STOP BUMPER: Resilient rubber bumpers increase impact resistance and are through-bolted to enclosed track.
  • CABLE/HOSE TROLLEY: Conveys flat cable power supply or round air hose. Four wheels ensure easy rolling. Pivoting clevis provides swiveling action for air hose. Standard trolley includes 3/8-inch maximum air hose.
  • FESTOON SECTION: Through-bolted on end of runway to allow stack-up of cable/hose trolleys. If festooning is a potential obstruction, use the Box Track and Duct-O-Bar alternatives outlined under the Bridge Crane Options.
  • END TRUCK: Smooth running connection between enclosed track bridge crane and runway tracks. Horizontal steel guide rollers on either end of the truck eliminate “crabbing action.”
  • HOIST TROLLEY: Fabricated from precision-cut steel plate.
  • CABLE/HOSE CLAMPS: Fitted at one end of runway and bridge. Flat cable 4 wire #14 AWG standard; 3/8-inch air hose optional.
  • HANGER ASSEMBLIES: Flush-mount hangers; allow lateral and longitudinal adjustments.
  • FLAT CABLE FESTOONING SYSTEMS (4 WIRES #14 AWG): Supplied with all bridge crane systems; optional air hose systems available for various sizes. Festoon loops are 18 inches for bridges and 36 inches for runways.
  • VACUUM HOSE TROLLEY: Free-moving trolleys with anti-kick-up rollers and Velcro strap for festoon vacuum hose on vacuum lifters.
  • END TRUCKS AND HOIST TROLLEYS ARE: Designed to ANSI B30.11 specifications for underhung bridge cranes. Both have large diameter, polyamide wheels equipped with anti-friction ball bearings. Steel wheels, zinc chromate plated finish, or bronze wheels with bronze guide rollers for “spark resistant” applications are available.