Model: MT-8-83-400 Workstation Monorail Bridge Crane with Trussed Track


Workstation Monorail Bridge Crane with Trussed Track

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Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails are high-quality ergonomic material handling solutions, especially when you need a system in your garage, barn, or shop:

  • To move equipment and parts on a vehicle, such as an engine, a body of a race car, or a chassis for restoration.
  • To work on outdoor equipment, such as a motorcycle, boat, tractor, snowmobile, golf cart, or four-wheeler.
  • To lift anything up to 1,000 pounds safely by yourself.

Monorails provide full lifting coverage and maximize all of your floor space in your garage, barn, or shop by allowing the system columns to fit in the corners of your building without getting in the way. These systems are flush mounted to columns that install easily and can be relocated if needed. Columns require six-inch reinforced concrete for proper installation. All Spanco systems meet or exceed ANSI/ASME B30.11 and ANSI/MMA MH27.2 standards for underhung cranes and monorails.