Manual Chain Hoist V

Protek Solutions for Hoist and Crane Requirements

For companies that need a strong hoist but may not have a lot of headroom, Protek has a Harrington manual chain hoist that is ideal for them. The Harrington NTH050 is a trolley-mounted hoist perfect for businesses that need to raise and lower loads weighing up to five tons while weighing only 222 lbs itself. Key features of the NTH050 include:

  • Die-cast aluminum construction designed for easy maintenance
  • 20-foot Lift with a Standard Bottom Hook, CF Hand Chain, and Heavy-duty Hook Latch
  • 20.6-foot Hand Chain Drop
  • Wheel load of 2764 lbs
  • Grade 100, heat-treated, manganese alloy chain which resists wear and abrasion
  • Forged steel alloy hooks are heat-treated to resist fracture even under maximum loads. 
  • Flange Range of 5.12 to 7.11 inches for use on a wide variety of overhead beams
  • Cast-iron trolley wheels with sealed ball bearings designed to function on tapered or flat-flanged beams and two attached side plates that protect the wheels in the harshest environment
  • Weston-style brake utilizes two moisture-resistant brake pads against four braking surfaces to reduce damage to loads and reduce accidents.
  • Available in Geared or Push Models 

Customize Manual Chain Hoists

Protek Crane Solutions can also customize each NTH050 hoist. Options include substituting a corrosion-resistant chain for the standard CF hand chain, an inspection hook for the standard bottom hook, and changing the Lift length to meet specific requirements. 

Each Harrington and other manual chain hoist Protek sells has a maintenance plan tailored to the devices, their locations, and our customers’ operational schedules and budgets. We also ensure each hoist and maintenance plan meets all OSHA requirements and ANSI/ASME operating regulations.

Now is an incredible opportunity for new and established companies to grow and expand. Call the Protek Crane Solution Sales Office at (855) 776-8354 today to learn how we can help you with a Harrington NTH050 or another hoist or crane that fits your requirements. For a detailed response, you can also leave contact information and requirements with us at info@proteksolutions.com.