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Manual Chain Hoist III

As your customer base grows, so should your lifting capacities on the work floor of your operation. This is an ideal opportunity to increase not only the weight load of your manual chain hoists but their mobility as well.


One of our popular options for customers needing to expand is the Harrington GT100M Manual Trolley. Weighing 218lbs, it can lift 10 Tons (20,000lbs) while moving to different stations with minimal effort. This model securely mounts to a support beam with a width range of 5.50 to 8.66 inches and comes with a standard 8 Foot Hand Chain Drop. Some of the features that make the GT100 a great choice are listed below:


Special Contour Wheels – Each wheel on this Harrington model is machined and contoured for perfect contact with either Tapered I-Beams or Flat-Flange Beams.


Sealed Ball Bearings – Harrington also uses sealed ball bearings with a high-quality lubricant in each wheel for a maintenance-free, smooth operation over the life of the hoist.


Adjustable Trolley Width –  Employees can easily adjust each GT100 (and other models) to match multiple beam widths in a matter of minutes. 


Central Shaft Pivot Mount – To keep the workload moving smoothly along the support beams, the wheels and side plates pivot freely along the central shaft. As the GT100 traverses across the overhead structure, this design maintains an even load distribution on all four wheels and reduces the effect of running over welded joints and other irregularities on support structure surfaces.


Each hoist and crane Protek sells comes with a service plan designed to meet your operational needs as well as state and federal requirements. If you have concerns about a hoist purchased from another company, we can still create a service plan that won’t break your budget. 

For more information on our manual chain hoists or other cranes and hoists in our inventory, contact the Protek Sales office. Call today at 855-776-8354 or ask for a detailed response using