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Lever Hoist

A lever hoist is also called a ratchet, come-a-long, or puller, depending on its direction. As an example, if used in a horizontal direction, one of these hoists can be used for stretching chain link fencing into a tight position before attaching it to end posts for a professional-looking security fence.

If used in a vertical direction, a lever hoist can lift everything from a refrigerator cabinet to a diesel truck engine in a safe manner for easy access to assemble or repair each item, depending on the hoist’s specifications. No matter what your requirement might be, Protek can help you choose the right model of lever hoist for your business.

A popular lever hoist available from Protek is the Harrington Model LX005. This model lifts a ½ Ton to five feet. Smaller hoists like this one are compact, easy to use, and just as easy to move from one location to another as your operation grows. Standard components for this and other Harrington hoists include:

  • An upper and lower block assembly.
  • Steel components (Friction discs, nut, and bolt assembly, pawl, and ratchet wheel).
  • A nickel-plated chain coating.

 Other features include:

  • Top and bottom hook openings of 1 inch for quick connections.
  • Chain length of 6 feet that provides a safe gap between the upper assembly and the top hook even when lifting at its full height.
  • Lever handle length of 7 1/8 inches for easy grip.
  • Electrostatic enamel finish for a professional appearance that resists dirt and oil, as well as scratches and gouging.
  • 62 lbs. Pull-to-lift rated load.
  • Meets all ANSI/ASME B30.21 requirements.
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The most significant feature of the LX005 is the Weston Style Load Brake. When raising an item or rewinding a wire rope to the drum, an operator turns the handle to the UP position. Each movement of the handle then compresses the ratchet wheel and friction discs between the nut and bolt assembly, ensuring all parts turn together, which prevents slippage. This compression also generates the clicking noise as the pawl makes contact with the sprockets of the ratchet wheel.  

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