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Lever Hoist V

A lever hoist is a versatile device for personal and commercial use. Homeowners can use them to lift engines into hobby cars or to install a chain-link fence on their property. For business owners, ProTek Crane Solutions design and installation teams provide lever hoist options that can support the requirements of assembly plants, manufacturing facilities, and some warehouse operations. 

Support for Lever Hoist

Besides versatility, managers or employees can easily remove it from one location to another in a few minutes. That provides flexibility to a business with multiple workstations that cannot install the beams needed for a trolley system because the roof will not support the additional weight. Our installation team can place a hook anywhere in a work area as long as the overhead structure can support the maximum weight load of the lever hoist.

Harrington Hoists are among the best available today, and their lifting capacity runs from 1500 lbs to nine tons depending on the model. Some of the features that make them so popular with our customers include the following: 

  • With an all-steel construction, each model is not only rugged and compact but weighs less than their aluminum counterparts from other companies. Harrington’s open design also allows easy inspection and cleaning without disassembly. 
  • All top and bottom hooks are forged from a heat-treated steel alloy and designed to open under heavy loads without fracturing. Both rotate 360 degrees and have heavy-duty hook latches.
  • Each load chain is nickel-plated to resist corrosion and comes in standard lengths of five, ten, fifteen, or twenty feet. 
  • The braking mechanism is completely enclosed to protect it from moisture and dirt. For additional safety, all models have a Weston-style brake with two brake pads, brake pawls, and four braking surfaces. 
  • All lever hoists meet the performance and safety standards of ANSI/AMSE HST—3M and B30.21 for Manually Lever Operated Hoists. 

What Kind of Lever Hoist Do You Need

ProTek Crane Solutions has a lever hoist for every business that needs one. If you are starting a new business or need to replace or upgrade equipment for an existing business, call us today. Contact our Sales Office at 855-776-8354 to place an order or set up a visit to find the best choice for your operation. If you need answers but don’t have the time to meet in person, you can also leave questions and contact information with us at

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