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Lever Hoist II

A lever hoist is an excellent choice for small business and personal use. It operates without a power source, and different models can lift loads of up to 5-tons and maintain the loads for multiple work shifts without damage to the hoist or the item it supports. Protek has an extensive inventory of lever hoists to meet your operational requirements and budget.

 A rather versatile lever hoist in our inventory is the Harrington 2-Ton LB Model. It is hook mounted with 10 feet of lift, providing an adjustable height that functions well with floor and table workstations.

 Its short steel handle and short recovery stroke (15 degrees) help make it an excellent choice for use in small or narrow spaces, such as mining and shipbuilding. The compact design and weight of only 31.5 pounds also make it easy for employees to quickly move it to another location and set up operations in a matter of minutes.

Other features of the Harrington 2-Ton LB include:

  • A completely enclosed brake system that protects against moisture and dirt.
  • All-steel construction, which weighs less than equivalent aluminum models.
  • Reliable Weston-style load brake that uses moisture-resistant brake pads on four braking surfaces.
  • Heat-treated, split load, double reduction gears for a long work life.
  • A patented, spring-loaded mechanism to greatly reduce the risk of accidental freewheeling or load slippage but still makes adjusting the load chain easier than many other lever hoists.
  • Top and bottom steel hooks are heat-treated, open slowly to prevent fractures when carrying heavy loads, and rotate 360 degrees.

There are additional options available that make the 2-Ton LB a reliable choice for manufacturing, construction work, routine maintenance, and repair operations. These include 15- and 20-foot lifts to accommodate facilities with higher ceilings and load-limit warning handles for additional safety.

Finally, each Harrington lever hoist we sell meets ASME B30.21 requirements and includes a test certificate that verifies each model was factory tested to 125% of rated load capacity.

 Call the Protek sales office today at 855-776-8354 for more information on how we can meet your commercial or personal requirements. For more detailed answers or if you want specifics on different models to compare, you can send requests to