Jib Crane

If you are operating in tight quarters, then a jib crane from Protek might be the best choice for your operation. One of our load-bearing, horizontal swing arms can be ideal for everything from a large commercial factory to a workshop in a small, family-owned business. 

Jib cranes are used primarily for lifting and moving materials and products in small work areas. Depending on your need, Protek installation teams can mount a jib to a vertical mast or attach it to a ceiling or wall bracket. Two jib crane models we sell and service are the Foundationless 600 and 605 series.

The 600 Series can lift a quarter-ton (500lbs) and fit areas of your facility not usable by other cranes or hoists. Installation teams bolt each model to reinforced concrete for safe use, but they can quickly move them to another location when necessary. 

Each 600 model also has a series of options for owners to customize their jib crane. They include:

  • Shorter spans and systems for smaller work areas
  • Motorized rotation
  • Rotation Stops
  • Derating to extend the life of the crane 
  • Electric collector rings that allow for continuous 360-degree boom rotation
  • Box track festooning to protect power and control cables
  • Boom locks for safety
  • Special control enclosures for hazardous environments
  • Specialty paint finishes or hot dip galvanizing available for hazardous environments or outdoor operations 

The Foundationless 605 series lifts a half-ton (1000 lbs). Like the 600 models, they do not require a unique foundation, so our installation teams can bolt them to any reinforced concrete surface. Additional features include a full 360-degree rotation and an adjustable height of 8’ to 12’ from the floor to the underside of the boom.

Options to customize 605 models include the following: 

  • Shorter spans and systems for smaller work areas
  • Derating to extend the life of the crane
  • Electric collector rings for continuous 360-degree boom rotation
  • Vacuum hose trolleys for up to 3-inch diameter hoses

Every jib crane Protek sells complies with all ANSI/ASME B30.21 regulations and other state safety requirements. For more information about the 600 or 605 jib crane series in our inventory, call Protek Crane Solutions at (855) 776-8354 today. If you have questions that need more detailed answers, you can leave a message for our Sales Team at info@protekcranesolutions.com

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