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Harrington NER 2 Ton Hook Mounted Hoist

As a small business owner, our NER 2 Ton Hoist can not only support your operation now but continue to do so as it grows.  It is a hook mounted hoist that is easily movable across a work floor or transferred to a larger facility from one that can no longer support you. Despite its official name, the Harrington NER 2 Ton can lift more than twice that if necessary. 


If your work area is not air-conditioned, that’s not a problem for our hoist. NER models feature Class B insulation and cooling fins for protection against overheating. They also utilize a TEFC or Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled design. The fan blade, fan cover, and motor fin work together to cool both the motor and brake simultaneously. 


Speaking of the brake, our Smart Brake Technology makes it maintenance-free. The fail-safe design controls brake activation to reduce wear on the brake discs and maintain an accurate brake gap. This technology is how Harrington can offer a 10-year warranty with each hoist. Add to that a continuous 60-minute duty rating, and you have a hoist that outperforms nearly every other model in its class.


Let’s talk about the chain now. Our NER models use shorter and narrower links which increase the amount of surface area in contact with hoist gears. This provides increased tensile strength, and each link is nickel-plated for greater resistance to wear and corrosion. 


Since no two employees are the exact height, Harrington offers a Smart Limit option to help increase individual efficiency and further reduce wear on the chain. Employees can program lower and upper limits of the hook so that it stops exactly where they need it for repetitive loading and unloading tasks. 

As you can see, the Harrington NER 2 Ton Hook Mounted Hoist is a perfect choice for your workspace. If you are not yet convinced, contact our ProTek sales team at 855-776-8354 for more information about product specs, pricing, and shipping costs.