Fall Protection

All of our fall protection systems meet OSHA and ANSI regulatory standards. Each design is engineered to meet your specific needs. Ridged Lifeline systems are perfect for virtually any application such as low ceiling, high ceiling, indoor/outdoor, minimal floor space, and can be engineered to meet the custom application.


Free Standing

Free Standing systems are a suitable option when you require a permanent solution for fall protection. Applications include rail stations, hangers, manufacturing facilities. Each system is engineered to meet your needs and can be customized for any application.


Ceiling Mounted

With the ease of installation in mind, the Rigid Lifeline® ceiling mounted system is a versatile option available in 1 to 6 man configurations. Monorail and bridge style systems give you the flexibility to cover large areas when the need arises.


Column Mounted

The idea for manufacturing facilities with limited floor space the column-mounted fall protection system can free up valuable floor space and be engineered for any application. With options such as Fold Away Arms, Multiple Workers, Motorized and spans up to 30′, the Ridgid Lifeline system is versatile enough to meet the needs of your application.