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Electric Chain Hoist

Regardless, if your business has a large assembly line or is a smaller operation, Protek has an electric chain hoist perfect for your industrial needs. Each model we offer meets the strict manufacturing and safety standards and is designed for easy operation from the moment we install it.

Among our more popular hoist models are the Harrington electric hoists. Standard features include the following:

Its 60 Minute Duty Rated Motor can run continuously for a full hour with increased performance thanks to its industry standard, Class B insulation. It also has heat resistant cooling fins and thermal motor protection.

“The Guardian” Smart Brake is a maintenance free, electromagnetic brake system with a fail-safe mechanism that halts all movement when there is a power interruption. Simply put, if the motor has no current, the brake cannot release. The Guardian also has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Harrington Friction Clutch prevents over winding and reduces damage to the hoist from normal operation. The Mechanical Load Brake is an optional but often purchased feature that works with the Friction Clutch. It acts as a secondary brake in case of motor failure and is available with the Harrington ER Models.

The 5 Pocket Load Sheave utilizes five deep-groove pockets to better support the load chain while in operation by reducing chain vibration. The vibration reduction also reduces chain wear and provides a straighter, vertical lift during operation.

Each Load Chain is a nickel-plated, Grade 80 chain, which resists corrosion and normal wear and tear (also known as fatigue) from daily operations.

The design of Harrington hoists allows them to be mounted to either Motorized and Geared (Push) Trolleys or a more basic Hook and Lug Suspension.

The Pendant Controls are ergonomically designed for operator comfort and come in both 4- and 2-button dual speed models with a red emergency stop button standard to both.

In addition to Harrington models, Protek also carries an extensive inventory of hoists manufactured by the CM, Coffing, and Yale companies. Call our customer service team today at 855-776-8354 to get started on which electric chain hoist is the best option for your operation. For detailed questions and a more thorough response, you can also reach us at 855-776-8354.