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Electric Chain Hoist II

An electric chain hoist is a versatile choice for small and large businesses. No matter if it is a 1000-square-foot shop or a 100K square foot assembly line, Protek has the device needed to support your company. Each model in our inventory meets strict State and Federal safety requirements and is manufactured to begin operating within minutes after installation. 

One of our more popular electric chain hoists is the Harrington NER2M020C-CD. It is a 2-Ton hoist with a 15’ lift and motorized suspension. It also includes a standard bottom hook, canvas chain container, a hardwired, 30-foot power supply, and a pendant control length of 13.2 feet. Other features include:

A design that allows it to be mounted to both Geared and Motorized trolleys as well as the basic Hook and Lug Suspension. 

The Load Chain is a Grade 80, nickel-plated chain. It resists corrosion and typical metal fatigue (wear and tear) from daily use.

Its motor is rated for 60 minutes of continuous operation. It has Class B insulation and heat-resistant cooling fans to protect against overheating. 

It has a 5 Pocket Load Sheave that utilizes five deep-groove pockets to reduce chain vibration, which increases support to the load chain. This also reduces chain wear and provides a cleaner vertical lift.

The Friction Clutch eliminates winding which reduces hoist damage during normal operation. Protek also suggests getting an optional feature, the Mechanical Load Brake. If the motor fails, it acts as a secondary brake to prevent damage to property and personal injury. 

Finally, there is The Guardian Smart Brake. It is electromagnetic with a fail-safe device that halts all movement if there is an interruption to the power source. In other words, without current, the brake locks down in place.  

Along with the many Harrington models, Protek also sells and maintains hoists and cranes built by Yale, Coffing, and CM. For more information on these companies and their products, contact our sales and service teams at 855-776-8354. With the right information about your operation, they can help you choose the best fit for your business. If you need product details or require a more extensive response, email us at