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Electric Chain Hoist Clarksville

Electric Chain Hoist works on Multiple Lines

For many small or large businesses in Clarksville, an electric chain hoist is an excellent device for lifting, loading, and manufacturing operations. Protek has options to support multiple assembly lines, small appliance manufacturing, and extensive warehouse facilities. Every brand and model of hoist we sell is ready to work immediately after installation and meets all Federal and State safety requirements.

For large or heavy operations, the Harrington ER2M200S-L is an excellent choice. It can raise to 20 Tons and has a twenty-foot lift. This electric chain hoist comes with a perpendicular lug mount for the basic Hook and Lug suspension or is available with a flange that can be mounted to a rafter with a range of 5.50-8.66 inches for use as a Trolley, which makes it ideal for operations like engine assembly lines. 

The ER2M200S-L traverses at forty feet per minute, and operators can raise loads at five-and-a-half feet per minute. It has a hardwired power supply and operates at 460V-3ph-60Hz. It has heat-resistant cooling fans and Class B insulation to protect against overheating and is rated for one hour of continuous operation. 

Chain vibration is a common problem with electric chain hoists. To reduce this risk and increase support to the load chain, Harrington utilizes five deep-groove pockets to reduce chain wear and provide a smoother vertical lift. 

To ensure safe operations, Harrington uses the Guardian Smart Brake. The electromagnetic brake has a fail-safe that halts all movement if the power supply is interrupted. In conjunction with the Guardian, the friction clutch serves to eliminate winding. It lowers the risk of damage to the hoist under regular operation. 

Electric Chain Hoist Maintenance Plans

In addition to sales and installation, Protek repairs damaged or malfunctioning hoists and performs preventive maintenance to help keep local businesses up and running. If you purchased an electric chain hoist with another company, we can still repair it and build a maintenance plan to help reduce operational loss due to routine wear and tear. 

For further information about what we can do for your Clarksville business, call the Protek Sales team at 855-776-8354. We can schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and determine which electric chain hoist is your best option. You can also request product information and submit questions to our Service team by emailing us at