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Electric Chain Hoist Chattanooga

Every business needs reliable retail equipment, which often means registers and OCR Readers for tracking inventory. For a commercial or industrial operation in Chattanooga, Protek provides the electric chain hoist to sustain the workflow needed to keep customers satisfied and workers safe. 

A popular line of electric chain hoists we carry is from Harrington. Their NER 2G020C is a reliable model that functions well in almost any environment. It has a 20-foot lift, carries up to two tons, and has a geared suspension that keeps it moving at a reliable, steady pace. It can operate on 230-3-60 or 460-3-60 voltage, roll at 7 or 7/1 feet per minute, and easily attaches to a flange range of 3.23 to 6.02 or 6.03 to 12.00. 

The NER’s and most other Harrington models’ standard features include a Grade 80 nickel-plated load chain designed to resist corrosion and wear and tear (typical metal fatigue) from daily use. There is a Friction Clutch that reduces damage to each hoist in normal operations by eliminating winding. Also included is the Guardian Smart Brake, an electromagnetic fail-safe that shuts down all movement if the power is interrupted. 

Other features include: 

  • A Standard Bottom Hook
  • BK2D2 Canvas Chain Container
  • Fifteen-Foot Power Supply
  • Parallel Lug Mount
  • Standard Bottom Hook
  • Standard Pendant with Standard-to-Lift 18.2 Foot Pendant Length 
  • Trolley Hand Chain Drop of 20.5 Feet
  • UL Listed

We also recommend the Mechanical Load Brake, an optional feature, for safety reasons. It locks in place when there is motor failure to reduce the risk of inventory loss and employee injuries. 

Our Maintenance team inspects each hoist in our inventory before a sale, and all hoists come with a full warranty. If you already have one or more electric chain hoists, we can inspect them and develop an affordable schedule for routine upkeep. 

To view our entire chain hoist inventory, visit our website or look us up on Facebook for the latest information. If you are ready to choose an electric chain hoist for your Chattanooga business, contact our Protek Solutions Customer Service office at 1-855-776-8354. If you still have questions, leave them and your contact information at We are here for you.