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Crane Repair Nashville

No matter how well-built a product is, repairs are needed at some point in the life of a crane, hoist, or another piece of machinery. As the Southeast’s fastest-growing overhead cranes and hoists distributor, Protek has the experience, equipment, and trained personnel needed to be your first choice for crane repair in Nashville.


The time to call us is, of course, at the first sign of a problem. For a crane, one of the initial indicators is often slowing the time it takes to lift or lower an item. This can indicate an aging motor requires maintenance or that a fresh application of oil or another lubricant is required for certain parts.


Another sign is when the operator of the crane notices a new sound that accompanies what is otherwise normal operation. This can be a high-pitched whine that indicates motor strain or a clicking sound that can indicate a worn-down gear that the chain is no longer fully engaging during operation. Our technicians can quickly and effectively deal with these and other early signs of a malfunction.


Even if you purchased your manual or electrical-powered crane at another location, our repair team can still help you get back to full speed with a malfunctioning hoist or crane. In addition to quick response repairs, team leaders can help you develop a maintenance plan.


While we respond immediately to emergency requests, taking a crane off-line for an hour to perform a maintenance check is far better than having an assembly line down for a day. The monthly, semi-annual, and annual checks in a maintenance plan can keep you ahead of equipment failures, which saves time and money and keeps customers happy. Each inspection we perform is also structured to make certain your operation meets all OSHA standards.


To schedule a service call or if you have any questions about what services Protek can provide for your company, contact our Crane Solutions sales team today at 855-776-8354 or email us at for a detailed response.

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