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Crane Repair IV

Crane Repair and Maintenance Teams Availability 

At ProTek, we know how important it is to be available for our customers at every opportunity. That is why our crane repair and maintenance teams are ready to respond to every hoist or crane repair as quickly as possible. We are here to help every business, from a one-bay family repair shop to a large warehouse or manufacturing operation.

ProTek can Repair Each Crane, Electrical or Manual, in Your Operation

Although the problem with a crane may appear obvious, there can be more than one cause for a failure to operate in a normal fashion. Even routine operation its parts. That is why our crane repair technicians start by talking with the equipment owner about what happened and what signs (brake slippage or grinding sounds, for example) are present. With that information, they can perform an inspection to diagnose and fix it quickly.

If we are called in at the first sign of a problem, then repairs can be fairly simple. Often that means repacking or replacing ball bearings to return the crane to a smooth operation again. Another common repair is replacing brake pads. These and other repair actions help to reduce and eliminate minor problems before they become major issues which can cause work stoppages and safety incidents that can injure employees or cause damage to the crane, facility, or the product that now cannot be shipped to the customer.

Best Option for Crane Repair to Increase Requirements

An inspection can also reveal that the problem does not need repair but rather an upgrade. If a business expands its product lines, the additional hours of use can require replacing the crane with a different model or adding another one to handle the increased requirements. ProTek can determine if the best option is replacement or addition. We can also determine if upgrades to the structure are needed to support any new cranes or hoists.

No matter what the problem might be with your crane or hoist, Protek can repair it. If staying ahead of future repairs is your preference, our maintenance team can develop a preventive inspection schedule to help maximize operations while still keeping costs within your budget. To learn more about what ProTek can accomplish for your business, call our Administrative Office today at 855-776-8354. For detailed questions or to schedule a visit, you can also contact us at