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Crane Repair III

Regardless if it is a large manufacturing operation or a family-owned shop, Protek understands how important it is to keep the doors open for customers. That is why our maintenance teams do everything possible to support you, our customers, when it comes to hoist and crane repair. 

Protek Provides Crane Repair for Your Business

Our teams attempt to make every repair possible on-site if a problem occurs. This eliminates the downtime needed to transport your inoperative crane to our facility, where we perform any off-site repair work. This is usually the case for smaller devices such as Jib and Work Station cranes. If a major part requires ordering, our Scheduling Manager can help you arrange the pickup and return of your crane after we complete repairs.

For Single and Double Girder cranes, an off-site repair can be an option depending on the extent of the needed repairs. In most cases, our maintenance teams make repairs in your facility and will complete them in the shortest time possible every time. If the inoperative crane has your business at a standstill, Protek will make it our priority.

Many of these repairs are simply part of the routine operation of a crane or other equipment. Depending on the age of your crane, repairs can include replacing a chain, switching out a motor, or reattaching wires that link the hand controls to the motor. 

This is why every crane and hoist we sell has an extensive warranty. It allows us also to develop a maintenance plan that helps you turn unplanned, emergency repairs into a schedule of inspection and preventative actions that can be accomplished after hours when they do not interfere with normal operations. In addition to repairs, a Protek maintenance plan also allows us to help stay in compliance with federal and state safety regulations. If you did not buy your crane from us, we could still develop a maintenance plan to keep it up and running.

Whatever issue you have with your crane, we can repair it. If you want to stay ahead of repairs to allow your business running without interruption, we can help you do that too. For more information on what Protek can do for your operation, contact us today at You can also call our Sales Office at 855-776-8354.