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Crane Repair II

Protek understands how important it is to keep operations running so Tennessee and Kentucky businesses can provide quick, efficient support to their customers. From a manual-powered crane to an electrically-powered device, our technicians help companies keep our local economies moving and growing.  

Each crane and hoist in our inventory comes with an extensive warranty. Depending on the size of it, we can repair your crane on-site to keep downtime to a minimum. If part replacement is needed for certain models, our teams bring them back to our repair shop. Our Scheduling office works carefully with your managers and supervisors to quickly return each crane to your facility to keep downtime at the minimum possible. If the inoperative machine has your business at a full stop, we can prioritize and move it to the front of the line.

If your company purchased a crane or hoist with someone else, Protek can still repair it. Our teams are trained on the major brands and have broad experience with most of their models, from a one-quarter ton, floor mounted, jib crane to a 25-ton, double-girder mounted crane.

Maintaining a working crane, however, is better than repairing one that breaks in the middle of a shift. Each crane and other machines we sell comes with a maintenance plan designed for your facility’s environment and meets all state and federal safety requirements. Our team also develops maintenance plans for machines you purchased elsewhere.

No matter the problem, Protek can handle it. If a crane on your work floor needs repair, our teams can quickly get it up and running. If your cranes and hoists are working fine, we can develop and implement a maintenance plan to keep them operational and meet your financial requirements. To learn more about what Protek can do for you and your business, call our sales and scheduling office at 855-776-8354. You can also reach us at