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Crane Inspection III

Maintenance Plan for Crane Inspection                           

Each piece of equipment is essential to a business. Depending on the use, a malfunctioning crane or hoist can cause anything from a minor disruption to a complete shutdown. At Protek Crane Solutions, we can provide your business with a thorough hoist or crane inspection and maintenance plan that reduces downtime so you can maximize production.

Proper Crane Inspection After Installation of a Crane

Our Inspection Team performs an Initial Inspection once our work crews complete the installation of each device purchased. They cover everything from ensuring it is properly secured to the floor or overhead as the model requires running it through a full test to ensure everything functions according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Once everything is in place, our inspectors place each equipment item on several inspection routines. These include Periodic, Frequent, Scheduled, and Sling and Rigging. Periodic Inspections are the annual checks needed to ensure crane parts such as swing arms for full extension and ball bearings for proper lubrication and packing. Frequent Inspections are usually monthly requirements. These depend on the type of crane or hoist required for the task and how often it is in operation. Most, but not all, are safety-oriented.

Scheduled Inspections include Frequent and Periodic Inspections but are related specifically to safety. They are required by State Regulations and Federal Regulation OSHA Standard 1910.179 (Overhead and Gantry Cranes) for the safety of employees, customers, and anyone else that has cause to be around your workspace.

Finally, there are the Sling and Rigging (S&R) inspections. S&R checks provide an additional look at how your crane or hoist connects to the facility support structure to keep production moving and identify minor issues before they become major and costly problems.

To reduce the downtime required for many of these inspections, our Team combines all four routines whenever possible. Since each crane or hoist has its requirements, that is why we customize the inspection schedule for every customer in Tennessee and Kentucky.

If your crane or hoist was purchased through Protek Crane Solutions, then you already have one of our maintenance plans in place. If you purchased either one from another company, our Inspection Team can perform a complete inspection and develop a preventive maintenance plan that will support your customers and your budget. For additional information on what Protek can offer your business, call us at 855-776-8354 or contact us at