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Chain Hoist Nashville

A chain hoist can be a vital device to any Nashville business. Depending on the size of the operation and the type of product manufactured or shipped, an electric or manual chain hoist from Protek Crane Solutions is an excellent choice that can meet operational and budget requirements.


One of our more popular chain hoist manufacturers is Harrington. The company has an extensive line of both electric and manual chain hoists. Each type has its advantages depending on the commercial requirements of the business. Here are some of the standard features:


Electric Hoists

  • Nickel-plated, Grade 80 load chain resists wear and tear from daily use and corrosion.
  • Each motor rates for a full sixty minutes of continuous operation. They have heat-resistant cooling fans and Class B insulation to reduce the risk of overheating.
  • The Guardian Smart Brake. An electromagnetic fail-safe that locks the brake immediately, freezing all movement during interruptions to the power source.
  • Five-Pocket Load Sheave uses five deep-pocket grooves to reduce load chain vibration and increase support. The Sheave reduces daily wear and tear and provides a smoother vertical lift.
  • Friction Clutch design that eliminates winding and reduces damage to the hoist machinery from daily use.
  • Patented design allows installation as a Basic Hook and Lug Suspension and to Geared and Motorized trolleys.


Manual Chain Hoists

  • Compact design, which works particularly well in confined work areas.
  • The Top Hook has a Pivot and Swivel design for quick installation.
  • All-steel construction that weighs less than many aluminum counterparts
  • Split Load Double Reduction Gears provide a longer work life than similar models from other companies.
  • Meets ANSI B30.16, B30.21 regulations, applicable OSHA standards, and state regulations.
  • Weston Load Brake uses four braking surfaces and two moisture-resistant brake pads, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and property damage.


If you have questions about which chain hoist is best for your Nashville operation, contact Protek Crane Solutions today. To schedule an appointment with our Sales staff or an onsite inspection with our Installation team, call (855) 776-8354. You can view our inventory here or leave questions and contact information at