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Chain Hoist Bowling Green 

Every factory or manufacturing operation needs to move products across workstations. Operations might include assembling small items such as computers or large items like outboard engines and industrial freezers. This task requires equipment such as a chain hoist for the larger items. The first choice for selecting a chain hoist in Bowling Green is Protek Crane Solutions.

For these types of operations, a chain hoist in Bowling Green is a cost-effective choice for moving the items listed above and for items weighing up to ten tons and more if required. Protek offers extensive manual and electric chain hoists to meet every need. The brands we offer include CM, Coffing, Harrington, and Yale. 

Our Sales Team makes sure each customer has the right piece of equipment by determining what their needs are for their business. Included in this determination are the answers to these questions:

  • What is the heaviest item lifted? It may appear to be a simple question, but if that item is a fully assembled, finished piece of equipment, the hoist or hoists you need must meet that final requirement. For example, if everything moving through your plant weighs under 2000 pounds, but once assembled, it weighs over 3000 pounds, then the hoist, if it is the same one for the entire process, must be rated for at least four tons to ensure proper function, movement, and safe operation. 
  • How high do you need to lift an item? Again, it looks like a simple question, but several factors affect the answer. Is the item raised from the floor or off a pallet or table? How high over the work floor is the hoist mounted? These two answers determine the chain length needed for the hoist to perform all necessary functions.
  • Will the hoist remain stationary or move throughout the plant? Our installation team can quickly attach a chain hoist to a ceiling mount if it stays in place. If the hoist has to carry items to different stations, the team can secure a trolley to the overhead girders for easy movement. 
  • How quickly do items need to move at and between stations? In many cases, a manual chain hoist meets all requirements. A company may need an electric chain hoist to lift, lower, and move items throughout a facility if a rapid pace is necessary to fulfill customer orders. 

Different Types of Chain Hoists in Denham Springs

To begin this determination, call Protek Crane Solutions at (855) 776-8354 or provide contact information and leave any questions at To review our chain hoist brands and models selection, visit our website here.