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Chain Hoist I

Each business has its requirements regarding equipment for moving property or assembling items such as small engines and appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers. For most operations, a chain hoist is an affordable option that supports and moves things from a half-ton to over twenty-ton loads.

At Protek Crane Solutions, we have an extensive inventory of electric and manual chain hoists. Harrington is one of our more popular models, and these features are common to both types:

  • Nickel-plated chain made to resist wear from daily use and corrosion in harsh environments. Every chain is heat-treated and comes in Grade 80 or 100, depending on the load weight requirement.
  • Hooks, pinions, and the main shaft are made from high-strength alloy to match the precision machined load gears and pre-lubricated ball bearings. 
  • The shell covering the gears and bearings is die-cast aluminum, making the hoist lighter and easier to move when needed.

Electric chain hoists have these additional features, making them ideal for operations that require hoists to move between stations while carrying loads:

  • The sixty-minute duty-rated motor can run continuously for one hour. It has Class B Insulation and heat-resistant cooling fans for increased performance.
  • The Guardian Smart Brake is maintenance-free, with a fail-safe mechanism that locks the brake in place if there is a power outage. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Friction clutch prevents overwinding, which reduces damage from regular operation. 
  • The design allows it to be used as a traditional Hook and Lug Suspension hoist or mounted to a trolley.

A manual chain hoist is also an excellent choice for boat and auto enthusiasts who prefer doing home maintenance. One of the best cranes for use at home is the Harrington CF005. It lifts to 1000 lbs and has a 20-foot lift, making it perfect for lifting an engine entirely out of an auto. This lift and the Weston-style brake allow the owner to work safely inside the engine bay.  

We also maintain and repair chain hoists not purchased with us. Our inspection and repair teams perform an initial examination and then construct a maintenance plan to keep your hoist running without breaking your budget. For more information on ProTek Crane Solutions’s hoist and crane inventory, call us today at 855-776-8354. You can also visit our website to explore your options and leave contact information and any questions at