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Lever Hoist Choices for Manufacturing Operations

What Lever Hoists do Companies Need?

The right lever hoist depends on the organization. ProTek has an option for every small manufacturing operation and other light-duty applications. Our designers meet with customers to learn their needs, and then quickly recommend one to the individual customer’s needs and specifications; then our installation team can easily set one up. Regardless of what your company assembles, manufactures, or repairs, ProTek has the right choice for you.

A lever hoist is also designed to be easily removed and portable. They provide a safer option for lifting and moving small loads that are often otherwise moved precariously with fork trucks and rigging that also take additional time to setup. For small shops that cannot afford to have a trolley system installed, this allows owners and employees to move the hoist from one overhead hook or other connection to another. Many users keep one in their vehicle or a large toolbox for both professional and personal use in multiple locations. Due to the design, however, the lift capacities are necessarily lower. At ProTek, we have two models available; the Huntingdon LX003 and the LX005.

The LX003 has a lift capacity of 1/4 Ton or 500 pounds. The LX005 Model is a sturdier option with a lift capacity of a half-ton (1000 pounds). Both models have a steel frame with a die-cast aluminum body. The construction makes them very lightweight for their purpose and yet remain highly durable. They are a cost-effective and highly practical option for their specified load rating. Both utilize a Grade 100 chain with nickel-plating for strength and to resist corrosion. 

Lever Hoists Are Ideal for a Broad Range of Locations

Both Harrington hand-operated lever hoists are also designed to provide as much headroom as possible, to avoid shop accidents. The lever-action requires a minor amount of force to raise the height of an object with either hoist while the free-chain adjusting mechanism allows users to lower an object just as easily. Each lever hoist we sell meets the required industry, regulatory, and safety standards.

At Protek, we understand that our success is rooted in the achievements of our customers. Let us help you make it all happen. Regardless of which lever hoist is the best option for your operation, the ProTek design and installation teams can put together a package that meets every commercial requirement and budget. Contact us today to set up an in-person or online meeting to get started. 

We sell lever hoists to all areas of the country including Bowling Green, KY.