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Crane Repair III

Regardless if it is a large manufacturing operation or a family-owned shop, Protek understands how important it is to keep the doors open for customers. That is why our maintenance teams do everything possible to support you, our customers, when it comes to hoist and crane repair. 

Protek Provides Crane Repair for Your Business

Our teams attempt to make every repair possible on-site if a problem occurs. This eliminates the downtime needed to transport your inoperative crane to our facility, where we perform any off-site repair work. This is usually the case for smaller devices such as Jib and Work Station cranes. If a major part requires ordering, our Scheduling Manager can help you arrange the pickup and return of your crane after we complete repairs.

For Single and Double Girder cranes, an off-site repair can be an option depending on the extent of the needed repairs. In most cases, our maintenance teams make repairs in your facility and will complete them in the shortest time possible every time. If the inoperative crane has your business at a standstill, Protek will make it our priority.

Many of these repairs are simply part of the routine operation of a crane or other equipment. Depending on the age of your crane, repairs can include replacing a chain, switching out a motor, or reattaching wires that link the hand controls to the motor. 

This is why every crane and hoist we sell has an extensive warranty. It allows us also to develop a maintenance plan that helps you turn unplanned, emergency repairs into a schedule of inspection and preventative actions that can be accomplished after hours when they do not interfere with normal operations. In addition to repairs, a Protek maintenance plan also allows us to help stay in compliance with federal and state safety regulations. If you did not buy your crane from us, we could still develop a maintenance plan to keep it up and running.

Whatever issue you have with your crane, we can repair it. If you want to stay ahead of repairs to allow your business running without interruption, we can help you do that too. For more information on what Protek can do for your operation, contact us today at You can also call our Sales Office at 855-776-8354.

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Crane Repair II

Protek understands how important it is to keep operations running so Tennessee and Kentucky businesses can provide quick, efficient support to their customers. From a manual-powered crane to an electrically-powered device, our technicians help companies keep our local economies moving and growing.  

Each crane and hoist in our inventory comes with an extensive warranty. Depending on the size of it, we can repair your crane on-site to keep downtime to a minimum. If part replacement is needed for certain models, our teams bring them back to our repair shop. Our Scheduling office works carefully with your managers and supervisors to quickly return each crane to your facility to keep downtime at the minimum possible. If the inoperative machine has your business at a full stop, we can prioritize and move it to the front of the line.

If your company purchased a crane or hoist with someone else, Protek can still repair it. Our teams are trained on the major brands and have broad experience with most of their models, from a one-quarter ton, floor mounted, jib crane to a 25-ton, double-girder mounted crane.

Maintaining a working crane, however, is better than repairing one that breaks in the middle of a shift. Each crane and other machines we sell comes with a maintenance plan designed for your facility’s environment and meets all state and federal safety requirements. Our team also develops maintenance plans for machines you purchased elsewhere.

No matter the problem, Protek can handle it. If a crane on your work floor needs repair, our teams can quickly get it up and running. If your cranes and hoists are working fine, we can develop and implement a maintenance plan to keep them operational and meet your financial requirements. To learn more about what Protek can do for you and your business, call our sales and scheduling office at 855-776-8354. You can also reach us at

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Crane Inspection II

No matter if you have the best crane or hoist available, and Protek sells only the best, it still needs maintenance. After installing a crane or hoist in your business, our support continues with trained maintenance and inspection teams.

Crane inspection and other maintenance actions keep your equipment in good working order to reduce production interruptions. That reduces the chances of losing customers in this economy to actions beyond your control, such as supply chain failures. More importantly, inspections and maintenance also help prevent equipment failures that can injure employees.

However, the reasons for an inspection and maintenance plan do not stop there. Scheduled inspections are required by federal and state agencies for the safety of your employees and anyone else who enters the workspace. Each of our inspectors are certified to perform these state requirements in Kentucky and Tennessee.

On the federal level, inspections are covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. It is OSHA Standard 1910.179 (Overhead and Gantry Cranes) that require Periodic and Frequent inspections.

The Periodic inspections are annual checks required for every crane in your business. Frequent inspections are monthly requirements determined by the type of crane and frequency of use, along with other factors. As an example, when our inspectors examine a single girder crane for a Periodic check, they inspect, among other tasks, the packed, pre-lubricated ball bearings for repacking or replacement and the swing arms to ensure they can fully extend or retract.

Regardless, if your crane was a Protek Crane Solutions purchase or not, we can help you develop a maintenance and inspection schedule designed specifically for your business. To get started, call our offices at 855-776-8354 or email your questions to Our intake staff can further explain what we can do to keep your operation up and running.

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Crane Repair

At Protek, we offer a thorough crane repair and maintenance plan on every model we sell. Even if you did not purchase your crane (or hoist) from our company, Protek maintenance teams can still design a repair plan around each crane and hoist in your business.

Regardless if it is a manual or a powered device, our technicians can repair it. They start by talking with you and then perform a complete inspection to see what the problem is and determine if there is more than one reason for its failure.

Regular use of cranes (and any piece of equipment) means movement. That means items such as pre-lubricated ball bearings need repacking or replacing, depending on the type of crane you have in your shop and its warranty requirements. If a load brake slips once, more incidents are going to happen.

Our repair teams can quickly diagnose and fix these (and many other issues) before they become major problems that can shut down your operation or injure an employee. Preventing this is why inspection and maintenance are critical to keeping each crane up and running safely.

As your business grows, your equipment needs upgrades or replacement. Our staff can help you determine what you need to take on more customers or generate more products. This service is especially important if you are in an older building and may need to upgrade or install support structures as well as the cranes themselves. Our technicians and designers can help upgrade the following:

  • Electrical Controls
  • Physical Components (chains, swing arms)
  • Runway, Speed, and Weight Limits
  • Motion Control Options

Simply put, if your crane needs repair, we can get it back online to support your business. If it is in working order, Protek Crane Solutions can keep it humming with an effective maintenance plan that can extend its life and not break your budget until you are ready to upgrade to a new model. For more details on what our technicians can do for you, call our offices today at 855-776-8354.

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Crane Inspection

Our support does not end with purchase and installation. A Crane improperly maintained can result in harm to employees and damage to both product and structure. In this economy, when any supply interruption can mean a loss of customers and worse, production downtime is exceptionally costly. That’s why we offer a custom-designed inspection plan for every crane in your plant.


Having a ProTek crane inspection plan in place is more than just a cost-effective, good idea. OSHA and some state safety administrations have established crane inspection regulations that are required by law in certain industries and are the standard practice everywhere. Both Frequent (usually monthly) and Periodic (not to exceed twelve months) inspections are the OSHA 1910.179 requirements for overhead cranes. Our certified inspectors tailor each inspection plan to meet these requirements and keep your machinery functioning while also keeping the costs affordable for every operation. 


On a Frequent inspection, our people concentrate on safety and compliance. Every action they take is noted for review by business owners for both routine and safety checks by OSHA auditors.


For Periodic inspections, we examine cranes and other equipment for wear and tear from daily use. It is here they check each moving part for proper function. To ensure the best operation, our inspectors also examine the environmental conditions and power source. A severe environment (dust, chemicals, etc.) can more quickly degrade moving parts, so it may take additional steps to protect equipment in these situations.


Inspectors do not serve as certified electricians, but they make certain that outlets are properly installed and functioning as designed. If they do find a problem, our people inform managers and owners immediately to have needed repairs made.


In addition to these requirements, we also perform Gearbox and Sling and Rigging (S&R) inspections. Additional gearbox checks identify minor problems that can be easily repaired before they become a major cost issue. An S&R check provides an additional look that keeps production moving up and down as well as forward. 

No matter if you bought the crane from us or if you need a new inspection plan for existing equipment, contact Protek Crane Solutions today. To learn more about what our inspectors can do for you, call our offices today at 855-776-8354 or send your questions to

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