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Protek Solutions for Hoist and Crane Requirements

For companies that need a strong hoist but may not have a lot of headroom, Protek has a Harrington manual chain hoist that is ideal for them. The Harrington NTH050 is a trolley-mounted hoist perfect for businesses that need to raise and lower loads weighing up to five tons while weighing only 222 lbs itself. Key features of the NTH050 include:

  • Die-cast aluminum construction designed for easy maintenance
  • 20-foot Lift with a Standard Bottom Hook, CF Hand Chain, and Heavy-duty Hook Latch
  • 20.6-foot Hand Chain Drop
  • Wheel load of 2764 lbs
  • Grade 100, heat-treated, manganese alloy chain which resists wear and abrasion
  • Forged steel alloy hooks are heat-treated to resist fracture even under maximum loads. 
  • Flange Range of 5.12 to 7.11 inches for use on a wide variety of overhead beams
  • Cast-iron trolley wheels with sealed ball bearings designed to function on tapered or flat-flanged beams and two attached side plates that protect the wheels in the harshest environment
  • Weston-style brake utilizes two moisture-resistant brake pads against four braking surfaces to reduce damage to loads and reduce accidents.
  • Available in Geared or Push Models 

Customize Manual Chain Hoists

Protek can also customize each NTH050 hoist. Options include substituting a corrosion-resistant chain for the standard CF hand chain, an inspection hook for the standard bottom hook, and changing the Lift length to meet specific requirements. 

Each Harrington and other manual chain hoist Protek sells has a maintenance plan tailored to the devices, their locations, and our customers’ operational schedules and budgets. We also ensure each hoist and maintenance plan meets all OSHA requirements and ANSI/ASME operating regulations.

Now is an incredible opportunity for new and established companies to grow and expand. Call the Protek Sales Office at (855) 776-8354 today to learn how we can help you with a Harrington NTH050 or another hoist or crane that fits your requirements. For a detailed response, you can also leave contact information and requirements with us at info@proteksolutions.com.

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Manual Chain Hoist IIII

Whether you are an established and growing assembly plant or a new manufacturing start-up, some questions must be answered. At some point, one of those questions will be, ‘How are we going to lift this’? The answer is to call Protek for your manual chain hoist needs.

Protek Has a Manual Chain Hoist for Every Requirement

We carry an extensive number of Harrington Hoists as part of our larger inventory. A workhorse model popular with many business owners is the Harrington LB 2-Ton Lever Hoist. It is hook mounted, with 10 feet of lift, so it can hang almost everywhere you need to use it. Some of its features include the following: 

  • All steel construction weighs less than comparable die-cast aluminum manual chain hoist 
  • Weight of only 31.5 Lbs for easy removal and movement
  • The Top Hook has a pivot and swivel design for easy installation
  • 77 Lbs Pull to Lift
  • 13.8 feet of Headroom
  • Compact design excellent for small work areas
  • Machined, heat-treated, split load, double reduction gears, provide a longer operational life over many other models 
  • Handle rotates a full 360 degrees for easy operation
  • Weston-style load brake has four braking surfaces with two moisture-resistant brake pads for superb braking action that reduces accidents and damage to equipment and property
  • A fully enclosed brake mechanism that protects against dirt and moisture
  • Meets ANSI B30.16, B30.21 regulations and all applicable OSHA standards

The Harrington LB 2-Ton is also quite versatile. The design allows it to be used not just vertically but horizontally, inverted, and at every load angle possible in your operation.

Tailored Service Plan For Manual Hoist Chains

Every Manual Chain Hoist Protek sells has a service plan tailored to meet your production requirements and both state and federal regulations. If you have a manual chain hoist or crane that you purchased from another agency, we can design a service plan that can meet your requirements without exceeding your maintenance budget. 

If you are ready to purchase a manual chain hoist or crane from Protek Crane Solutions, call our Sales Office today at 855-776-8354. We can answer any further questions you might have with a detailed answer by leaving a message with us at info@proteksolutions.com.

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Electric Chain Hoist II

An electric chain hoist is a versatile choice for small and large businesses. No matter if it is a 1000-square-foot shop or a 100K square foot assembly line, Protek has the device needed to support your company. Each model in our inventory meets strict State and Federal safety requirements and is manufactured to begin operating within minutes after installation. 

One of our more popular electric chain hoists is the Harrington NER2M020C-CD. It is a 2-Ton hoist with a 15’ lift and motorized suspension. It also includes a standard bottom hook, canvas chain container, a hardwired, 30-foot power supply, and a pendant control length of 13.2 feet. Other features include:

A design that allows it to be mounted to both Geared and Motorized trolleys as well as the basic Hook and Lug Suspension. 

The Load Chain is a Grade 80, nickel-plated chain. It resists corrosion and typical metal fatigue (wear and tear) from daily use.

Its motor is rated for 60 minutes of continuous operation. It has Class B insulation and heat-resistant cooling fans to protect against overheating. 

It has a 5 Pocket Load Sheave that utilizes five deep-groove pockets to reduce chain vibration, which increases support to the load chain. This also reduces chain wear and provides a cleaner vertical lift.

The Friction Clutch eliminates winding which reduces hoist damage during normal operation. Protek also suggests getting an optional feature, the Mechanical Load Brake. If the motor fails, it acts as a secondary brake to prevent damage to property and personal injury. 

Finally, there is The Guardian Smart Brake. It is electromagnetic with a fail-safe device that halts all movement if there is an interruption to the power source. In other words, without current, the brake locks down in place.  

Along with the many Harrington models, Protek also sells and maintains hoists and cranes built by Yale, Coffing, and CM. For more information on these companies and their products, contact our sales and service teams at 855-776-8354. With the right information about your operation, they can help you choose the best fit for your business. If you need product details or require a more extensive response, email us at info@protekcranesolutions.com.

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Manual Chain Hoist III

As your customer base grows, so should your lifting capacities on the work floor of your operation. This is an ideal opportunity to increase not only the weight load of your manual chain hoists but their mobility as well.


One of our popular options for customers needing to expand is the Harrington GT100M Manual Trolley. Weighing 218lbs, it can lift 10 Tons (20,000lbs) while moving to different stations with minimal effort. This model securely mounts to a support beam with a width range of 5.50 to 8.66 inches and comes with a standard 8 Foot Hand Chain Drop. Some of the features that make the GT100 a great choice are listed below:


Special Contour Wheels – Each wheel on this Harrington model is machined and contoured for perfect contact with either Tapered I-Beams or Flat-Flange Beams.


Sealed Ball Bearings – Harrington also uses sealed ball bearings with a high-quality lubricant in each wheel for a maintenance-free, smooth operation over the life of the hoist.


Adjustable Trolley Width –  Employees can easily adjust each GT100 (and other models) to match multiple beam widths in a matter of minutes. 


Central Shaft Pivot Mount – To keep the workload moving smoothly along the support beams, the wheels and side plates pivot freely along the central shaft. As the GT100 traverses across the overhead structure, this design maintains an even load distribution on all four wheels and reduces the effect of running over welded joints and other irregularities on support structure surfaces.


Each hoist and crane Protek sells comes with a service plan designed to meet your operational needs as well as state and federal requirements. If you have concerns about a hoist purchased from another company, we can still create a service plan that won’t break your budget. 

For more information on our manual chain hoists or other cranes and hoists in our inventory, contact the Protek Sales office. Call today at 855-776-8354 or ask for a detailed response using info@proteksolutions.com.

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Manual Chain Hoist II

Regarding a manual chain hoist, two of the most common questions we get at Protek are ‘What size do I need for my business?’ and ‘Can you help keep my assembly line (and my business) running smoothly?’. 

The first question always depends on the size of your business. An excellent choice for many businesses is the Harrington SHB050. It has a load capacity of 10,000 lbs which it can lift to 20 feet. The SHB50 is a hook-mounted hoist, which means while it cannot be attached to a trolley, it is easily moved between locations. If there is not a hook available, the hoist can be mounted to a girder with a manual beam clamp. 

Each hoist includes heat-treated, alloy steel hooks. The hook openings are 1 ¾ inch each. At full retraction, the distance between the hooks is a minimum of 24 ½ inches for plenty of overhead. The pull-to-lift load is rated at 92 lbs. Each hoist also meets ANSI/ASME B30.16 standards

Housing dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 24 ½ inches
  • Width: 13 ½ inches
  • Depth: 6 inches  

The answer to the second question is, of course, yes. Support for our hoists and other products does not end at purchase or installation; it begins there. Every device comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and our technicians can help you design a maintenance plan that protects the operational capabilities of your hoist while also making sure we fit into your budget.

Even if you purchased a Manual Chain Hoist somewhere else, Protek will still build a maintenance plan to support your operational and financial requirements. Our technicians perform the same starting inspections on each hoist at your business as they do for every device we sell. 

To learn more about what we can do for you when it comes to sales, maintenance, or repair, contact the Protek Crane Solutions team today. You can reach our sales team at info@proteksolutions.com or call 855-776-8354.

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Electric Chain Hoist

Regardless, if your business has a large assembly line or is a smaller operation, Protek has an electric chain hoist perfect for your industrial needs. Each model we offer meets the strict manufacturing and safety standards and is designed for easy operation from the moment we install it.

Among our more popular hoist models are the Harrington electric hoists. Standard features include the following:

Its 60 Minute Duty Rated Motor can run continuously for a full hour with increased performance thanks to its industry standard, Class B insulation. It also has heat resistant cooling fins and thermal motor protection.

“The Guardian” Smart Brake is a maintenance free, electromagnetic brake system with a fail-safe mechanism that halts all movement when there is a power interruption. Simply put, if the motor has no current, the brake cannot release. The Guardian also has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Harrington Friction Clutch prevents over winding and reduces damage to the hoist from normal operation. The Mechanical Load Brake is an optional but often purchased feature that works with the Friction Clutch. It acts as a secondary brake in case of motor failure and is available with the Harrington ER Models.

The 5 Pocket Load Sheave utilizes five deep-groove pockets to better support the load chain while in operation by reducing chain vibration. The vibration reduction also reduces chain wear and provides a straighter, vertical lift during operation.

Each Load Chain is a nickel-plated, Grade 80 chain, which resists corrosion and normal wear and tear (also known as fatigue) from daily operations.

The design of Harrington hoists allows them to be mounted to either Motorized and Geared (Push) Trolleys or a more basic Hook and Lug Suspension.

The Pendant Controls are ergonomically designed for operator comfort and come in both 4- and 2-button dual speed models with a red emergency stop button standard to both.

In addition to Harrington models, Protek also carries an extensive inventory of hoists manufactured by the CM, Coffing, and Yale companies. Call our customer service team today at 855-776-8354 to get started on which electric chain hoist is the best option for your operation. For detailed questions and a more thorough response, you can also reach us at 855-776-8354.

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Manual Chain Hoist

Manual Chain Hoist

For a new start-up, an established business, or a car enthusiast with a big project, one of our manual chain hoists is an ideal answer to the question ‘How do I lift this by myself’?

The next question, of course, is ‘Which hoist is the right one for me’? That depends on what you’re lifting, but Protek has a solution for every requirement. A solid choice for most tasks is the Harrington CF Hand Chain Hoist. It can lift up to five tons without excessive stress and has the following features. 

The hoist’s shell is a tough, die-cast aluminum perfect for most environments. The internal works have fewer moving parts which reduces wear and tear and makes servicing it much simpler. 

The nickel-plated chain is a heat-treated, grade 1000, which resists both wear and corrosion. It also compliments the high-strength main shaft, pinions, and alloy hooks. Underneath all that are precision machined load gears, pre-lubricated ball bearings, and a Weston-style load brake which all function together for smooth and easy lifting and lowering. 

There are no hidden fees with Protek. Each of our hoists comes with a free test certificate, so your business starts out meeting ANSI B30.16, county and state rules, and all applicable OSHA requirements.

On the rare occasion when something does go wrong or if it is simply time to replace an alloy hook according to the maintenance plan, we have it covered. ProTek maintains a complete parts inventory to ensure that your operations are only slowed, and never stopped.

Even if you purchased your Harrington CF Hand Chain Hoist elsewhere, we can still build a maintenance plan to support your device and business. Our inspection team performs the same initial check at your location as they do for each hoist and crane sold from our inventory. 

To learn more about what we can do for you, contact the Protek Crane Solutions sales team today at 855-776-8354. 

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20 Foot Lift 460 Volt Hook Mounted Hoist

At ProTek, we have a hoist that is ideal for your new business. This Harrington model has a 20-foot lift and runs up to 460 volts with hook mounted hardware. It weighs only 154 pounds, so our technicians can quickly install it, and then relocate it just as easily when required. 


Everything for immediate operation is included and once installed, any employee can begin using it after a short training period. With a friction clutch in an oil bath lubrication system, it is nearly impossible to burn out the 1.2 hp motor, even when running at max capacity of 2000 pounds.


The new, Smart Brake system on the hoist is perfect for every business looking to reduce maintenance and other costs. To put it simply, the Guardian brake design does not release unless there is power running through the motor. Your employees must engage the power using the redesigned push-button control pendant. Harrington trusts the Guardian so well the company offers a three-year warranty just for the brake.


It is not just the brake system that has been upgraded though. The load chain is a Grade 80 which provides greater strength and is nickel-plated to resist corrosion and wear in excessive heat, cold, and other harsh environments. Another new feature is the count meter which displays both the number of times the chain is engaged and the total time the hoist is in use. It gives you the data needed to call ProTek for maintenance at the exact time you need us. 


These changes do not reduce the safety requirements for every hoist we sell. Each machine still meets all specs for UL 1340, ASME H4, ISO M5, the ANSI/ASME guidelines, as well as each state and federal labor safety standard. 

I can’t lay it out any better than this: The new Harrington 20-foot lift, 460 volts, hook mounted hoist is an amazing machine for your factory or other business. To make a purchase and schedule a delivery, call the ProTek sales team at 855-776-8354 to get started.

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Harrington NER 2 Ton Hook Mounted Hoist

As a small business owner, our NER 2 Ton Hoist can not only support your operation now but continue to do so as it grows.  It is a hook mounted hoist that is easily movable across a work floor or transferred to a larger facility from one that can no longer support you. Despite its official name, the Harrington NER 2 Ton can lift more than twice that if necessary. 


If your work area is not air-conditioned, that’s not a problem for our hoist. NER models feature Class B insulation and cooling fins for protection against overheating. They also utilize a TEFC or Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled design. The fan blade, fan cover, and motor fin work together to cool both the motor and brake simultaneously. 


Speaking of the brake, our Smart Brake Technology makes it maintenance-free. The fail-safe design controls brake activation to reduce wear on the brake discs and maintain an accurate brake gap. This technology is how Harrington can offer a 10-year warranty with each hoist. Add to that a continuous 60-minute duty rating, and you have a hoist that outperforms nearly every other model in its class.


Let’s talk about the chain now. Our NER models use shorter and narrower links which increase the amount of surface area in contact with hoist gears. This provides increased tensile strength, and each link is nickel-plated for greater resistance to wear and corrosion. 


Since no two employees are the exact height, Harrington offers a Smart Limit option to help increase individual efficiency and further reduce wear on the chain. Employees can program lower and upper limits of the hook so that it stops exactly where they need it for repetitive loading and unloading tasks. 

As you can see, the Harrington NER 2 Ton Hook Mounted Hoist is a perfect choice for your workspace. If you are not yet convinced, contact our ProTek sales team at 855-776-8354 for more information about product specs, pricing, and shipping costs.

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Options for Manual Chain Hoists

What Manual Chain Hoists do Shops Need?

The correct manual chain hoist depends on the type of business operation. For small appliance assembly and repair, a push trolley such as a Harrington PT010, with a lift of 10 feet and one-ton capacity, is an economical and efficient choice for those factories and other operations where the product or other item must traverse over longer distances.

The L5 Model of the LB028 is an excellent choice for heavier industrial items, with a weight capacity of two and three-quarter tons. Depending on the height of the warehouse and positioning needs, managers can choose between hoists with a lift of 5, 10, 15, or 20 feet.

If a business needs a lift capacity of 10 tons, then the Harrington PT100 is an excellent option. It comes with contoured wheels that fit both flat flange and tapered beams. The PT100 is also equipped with sealed, precision ball bearings that lubed-for-life for low friction and are also maintenance-free for long life in less-than-ideal conditions.

Most push trolley or PT manual chain hoist models also have a geared trolley or GT option more suitable for hoists that traverse over shorter distances. The GT options also provide for better load control. Geared trolley options are available with various lift capacities from half-ton up to 20-ton models.

For lift capacities up to 2 tons, the Harrington GT020 is economical for all material handling. It is an exceptional piece of equipment for assembling items such as cabinets and motors for refrigerators and light manufacturing.

The GT050 has a lift capacity of 5 tons while still weighing only 104 pounds. It is pivot-mounted, which helps assure smooth movement across beams and allows both wheels and side plates to cross over joint welds and other irregularities. This design also serves to keep an even load over all four wheels.

Regardless of whether the choice is a PT or GT manual chain hoist, ProTek’s Harrington trolleys are among the easiest to install. Our technicians can quickly make adjustments to the threaded hanger shaft of these models in the half-ton to five-ton range, a series of simple rotations. They all have machined cast iron wheels for long life and are ATEX rated for limited use in hazardous environments.

Each GT or PT hoist in ProTek’s inventory meets every industry and regulatory standard. That includes ASME/ANSI B30.16, OSHA, NASA-STD-8719.9, and EU Directives: 2006/42/EC. Contact us today for an online or in-person appointment with one of our design team representatives to determine which manual chain hoist or other product best matches the needs of your business. ProTek Crane Solutions is here for you.

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