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Motorized Trolleys

Motorized Trolleys

Posted by ProTek Crane Solutions on 20th May 2024

Motorized trolleys assist businesses in moving items along assembly lines and finished products into storage or out to loading zones for shipping. When attached to a hoist, they provide a reliable way to shift workloads faster and safer than manually operated trolleys, especially when moving large, heavy loads. At Protek Crane Solutions, we work closely with each customer to determine the best trolley and hoist to meet their requirements.

The Harrington MR models are a reliable line of motorized trolleys we sell. It is a three-phase trolley that links with many of its hoists but operates particularly well with its (N)ER electric chain hoists. The weight capacity ranges from 1/8th of a ton (250 pounds) to twenty tons, making it ideal for small businesses, light industry, and commercial manufacturing.

Features of the MR line include:

  • The body is sealed against harsh indoor and outdoor environments, allowing for regular operation in a temperature range from +14° to 140°F with humidity levels up to 85%. Gaskets protecting the motor have an IP55 rating.
  • The Pull-Rotor Motor Brake provides excellent deceleration to avoid excessive wear and tear. This design gives the operator superb workload control, ensuring it moves only when and how fast an employee judges.
  • The Side Guide Rollers utilize four-ball bearings to ensure a smooth motion and reduce the amount of wear on the wheels and the beam supporting the trolley.
  • Control pendant connections are plug-ins, providing faster installation and maintenance and reducing operational downtime.

In addition to these features, every model in the MR trolley line meets the ANSI/ASME standards B30.11 and B30.17 for safe employee operations. They also comply with OSHA Title 29, Section 1910.179, governing overhead cranes.

Every motorized trolley we sell comes with a factory warranty, and our technicians perform an inspection before installing it. Once in place, we provide a maintenance schedule to keep the trolley and its attached hoist at peak efficiency.

To learn more about motorized trolleys and other machines and services offered by Protek Crane Solutions, call our Service Office today at (855) 776-8354. You can also schedule an appointment with our technicians to help determine which trolley is the best choice for your operation. You can also contact us here with any questions or follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for new additions to our inventory and other updates.

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