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20 Foot Lift 460 Volt Hook Mounted Hoist

At ProTek, we have a hoist that is ideal for your new business. This Harrington model has a 20-foot lift and runs up to 460 volts with hook mounted hardware. It weighs only 154 pounds, so our technicians can quickly install it, and then relocate it just as easily when required. 


Everything for immediate operation is included and once installed, any employee can begin using it after a short training period. With a friction clutch in an oil bath lubrication system, it is nearly impossible to burn out the 1.2 hp motor, even when running at max capacity of 2000 pounds.


The new, Smart Brake system on the hoist is perfect for every business looking to reduce maintenance and other costs. To put it simply, the Guardian brake design does not release unless there is power running through the motor. Your employees must engage the power using the redesigned push-button control pendant. Harrington trusts the Guardian so well the company offers a three-year warranty just for the brake.


It is not just the brake system that has been upgraded though. The load chain is a Grade 80 which provides greater strength and is nickel-plated to resist corrosion and wear in excessive heat, cold, and other harsh environments. Another new feature is the count meter which displays both the number of times the chain is engaged and the total time the hoist is in use. It gives you the data needed to call ProTek for maintenance at the exact time you need us. 


These changes do not reduce the safety requirements for every hoist we sell. Each machine still meets all specs for UL 1340, ASME H4, ISO M5, the ANSI/ASME guidelines, as well as each state and federal labor safety standard. 

I can’t lay it out any better than this: The new Harrington 20-foot lift, 460 volts, hook mounted hoist is an amazing machine for your factory or other business. To make a purchase and schedule a delivery, call the ProTek sales team at 855-776-8354 to get started.